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LG, Samsung, Vizio 4K TVs on sale right now for as cheap as $280

If cabin fever from staying at home is starting to get to you, then what you need is a distraction — an escape into another world — and there’s no better way than with the power of cinema. But a good home theater isn’t complete without a television. That’s where Digital Trends comes in.

If you’re looking to upgrade your big screen or planning to set one up for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. You can transform your living room into your own private cinema — even on a budget, with the following 4K TV deals from LG, Samsung, and Vizio, which start as low as just $280. 

50-inch LG UM6900 4K TV — $280, was $300

The LG UM6900 is the most affordable option on this list, but it doesn’t have any of the problems you’d expect to find in something so cheap. Its 49.5-inch screen is large enough for the average living room, making it an ideal size for a home theater. It doesn’t take too much space nor is it overly bulky. You can use most streaming applications to watch all your favorite shows and movies, and even play some games, in 4K Ultra HD with 2160p resolution. So, while you’re seated comfortably on your couch, you can enjoy world-class visuals with vivid colors to immerse yourself in. 

The LG UM6900 also has a quad-core processor to help its color-mapping technology produce incredible photorealistic images that bring whatever you’re viewing to life, reducing motion blur and sharpening every fine detail that comes on-screen. The built-in IPS panels ensure that you’re getting the best view from any seat in the house, regardless of the angle. If you have the LG Channel Plus application, you also have full access to more than 70 exclusive online channels. As the cherry on top, it’s fully integrated with Apple’s Home and Siri. This means you can sit back and relax because you can use any Apple device — like the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and even the HomePod — as a remote control. 

If you don’t need anything larger than a 50-inch television, then you can be sure that the LG UM6900 will do the trick. You can check it out on Best Buy where it’s on sale for only $280, scoring you $20 in savings. Plus, if you’re a first-time Apple Music subscriber, you even get a free four-month subscription to go with your snazzy new 4K TV.


55-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV — $328, was $600

Being the Goldilocks of the group, the Samsung NU6900 TV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solid 4K TV. You won’t have to break your bank account just to experience great quality with this. Even if your movie or show isn’t in 4K, the television immediately upgrades and elevates it to 2160p resolution, allowing you to enjoy any of your favorite films as if they were happening live in front of you. Plus, with a refresh rate of 60Hz, everything is as fluid as the real deal. And because this is a Samsung television, it comes with HDR10+ compatibility, which enhances the hues and contrast of whatever comes on-screen. Coupled with PurColor, you get to enjoy a visual spectacle of gorgeous colors in vivid detail. 

If you’re planning on fitting this bad boy in your home theater, its slim chassis makes it an ideal fit for any setup. The built-in Universal Guide is also a great way to save time looking for new content to watch by streamlining everything from a variety of third-party applications and collating all your favorite shows into a neat buffet for one. Additionally, if you’ve already got SmartThings installed, you can add the Samsung NU6900 to your list of controllable devices.

As it’s rated four of five stars from 865 reviews at the time of writing this, you can guarantee that Samsung’s standard of quality doesn’t disappoint. It’s currently on sale for just $328 on Walmart from its list price of $600.


65-inch Vizio M-Series QLED 4K TV — $668, was $998

Rounding out our list is Vizio’s M-Series Quantum (QLED) 4K TV. It’s by far one of the best displays around, and with value being Vizio’s entire shtick, it’s hard not to fall in love with the M-Series. As with every other TV on this list, you’re getting the full 4K Ultra HD treatment with 2160p resolution — plus, with all the extra screen, you can enjoy the full breadth of a full-fledged home theater with one of the best image qualities around. 

And it’s not named Quantum just for fun. The M-Series is engineered with Vizio’s innovative Quantum Color that redefines what it means for an image to be photorealistic. They claim it can produce up to 80% more color than an average 4K TV, and from the moment we first turned it on, we were instantly blown away. Each detail of every movie we watched, down to the last pixel, was picture perfect. This is in no small part thanks to the Dolby Vision HDR, blurring the border between media and reality. It’s a big claim, we know. If you’re watching ultra-wide movies, it’s also integrated with Cinemawide to detect black bars on 21:9 ratios and dim the backlights to completely get rid of distracting borders. 

The M-Series also has double the refresh rate as Samsung’s NU6900 TV at 120Hz, which was already incredibly fast. This means that, no matter what you watch, you’re getting the best possible viewing experience. Speaking of doubles, this TV also has an octa-core processor, which vastly outperforms the LG UM6900’s quad-core processor and gets rid of most — if not all of — the lag that comes with online streaming services. And unlike a subscription-based service, it already comes with Vizio’s WatchFree that lets you watch more than 150 curated channels and streaming services for your viewing pleasure and all for — wait for it — free! It’s also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, so you never have to leave the couch during movie night. No matter what you watch, you are definitely getting your money’s worth and more.

If you think Vizio’s M-Series Quantum 4K TV is the one for you, then head on over to Walmart where its retail price of $998 is cut down to just $668. You can save up to $330 if you purchase it today.


However, if you can’t catch this TV deal, you can always wait for Walmart’s Black Friday deals to leverage from Black Friday discounts. Check out our curated deals page for more 4K TV deals, QLED TV deals, and even OLED TV deals.

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