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These gadgets will stop you from losing your wallet, keys, or bag again

Do you find you keep misplacing everything? We’ve all been there — looking for our keys or wallet before heading out and having no clue where we put them. Worse, it can even happen with larger items like your bag, which almost inevitably ends up containing other crucial stuff as well. Fortunately, there are now plenty of products out there on Amazon which help you track your important items down, courtesy of Bluetooth and even GPS tracking. Read on to find out how you can keep your personal items safer.

Ekster Tracker Card — $49

Avoiding the need for a battery, the Ekster Tracker Card is solar-powered which is sure to be useful in the long term. It’s another credit card-sized tracker that will help you find both your misplaced wallet and your smartphone, depending on what you’re left with. Worried about not getting enough sun? Don’t be. Three hours of light gives it enough charge for two months so this won’t be an issue. You can even charge it with a flashlight. It also has voice-control support plus a neat selfie mode for taking remote photos. It works best alongside the Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet (pictured above) so make sure you snap up one of those, too, for the best experience.

Ekster Tracker Card — $49:

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Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet — $89:

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Tile Slim — $29

The Tile Slim is a simple-to-use little gadget. It’s as slim as its name suggests so you can easily slip it into your wallet or passport without it taking up much space. Once activated, you can use your smartphone to make it ring anywhere within 200 feet. Follow the ring and you find your misplaced wallet. Perfect, right? It works the other way around, too, enabling you to find your phone by double-tapping the tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. You can even recruit the Tile community to help you find your items if they venture farther afield. With this much functionality, it’s a bargain.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker — $90

Bluetooth tracking is great if you’re near your lost wallet or keys but what if it has traveled even farther away from you? The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is LTE-based with one year’s free service included, meaning it can track much farther afield, beyond Bluetooth range. It quickly and accurately identifies where your item is, and can even be attached to dog collars if you prefer. With a week’s battery charge, you will be able to feel confident that you can always spot where something has gone.

Safedome Classic Bluetooth Tracker Card — $30

The Safedome Tracker Card is a slim card-like device that’s the exact same size as a credit card. That means it easily fits into a pocket of your wallet, and slots into a backpack or laptop bag with the absolute minimum of hassle. It’s water-resistant as well. Simply use the app to track the location of your lost item on a map, and you will even be able to set up familiar zones like home or work so you get a reminder if you accidentally leave your stuff behind. It will help you find your phone, too, if you have the tracker but can’t find your beloved smartphone.

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