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‘Attack on Titan’ game sequel will cover the anime series’ second season

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan may not be the anime flavor of the month as it was when the first series dropped a full four years ago, but that doesn’t mean its dedicated fan base has forgotten about it. Indeed the games available for them today are much better than back then and arguably the best, the multiplatform Attack on Titan, is getting a full-blown sequel to take fans through the events of the anime’s second season.

Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan as it’s known in the West, has had more fan games made for it than publisher backed commercial titles. Although that’s surprising considering its interesting premise and unique combat potential, Attack on Titan, or A.O.T Wings of Fury as it was released in Europe, was a faithful recreation of the anime and its manga source. Now the sequel will look to do the same for some of the material released since its predecessor’s debut.

So far all we know about the game can be drawn from its announcement trailer, which showcases some familiar faces and some less so.

For anyone who plans to watch the season, this trailer does contain some spoilers from the first few episodes.

Attack on Titan 2 - Announcement Trailer

The original game’s developer, Omega Force, will be returning to handle the sequel. It is perhaps most well-known for creating the Dynasty Warrior series, as well as more recent titles like Hyrule Warriors and the Toukiden games.

We’re told that Attack on Titan 2 will feature much the same high-speed, omnidirectional maneuvering combat of the original game, but with entirely new gameplay mechanics. What those are or how players will utilize them to restore peace within the walls of humanity’s last known stronghold have yet to be revealed, though Koei Tecmo promises more details as we get closer to the game’s eventual release date at some point in “early 2018.”

If you can’t wait that long to cut through some titan napes yourself, you can always check out some of the fan games out there. Fenglee’s is losing its online servers soon, but the new one from Roark is looking very promising.

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