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Bayonetta 2 online co-op mode details revealed

bayonetta 2 online co op mode details revealed tag climax

We’ve got some new details on Bayonetta 2’s online co-op mode, “Tag Climax,” from the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via Siliconera).

When playing online, gamers have the option of inviting friends to play with them, pairing up with another random player, or buddying up with an AI-controlled partner. The action plays out on stages shown on “Verse Cards,” with each stage having different objectives, including grueling boss battles and enemy hordes.

Online quick matches further feature a betting system, where in-game currency (called “Halos”) is wagered. You can challenge your partner to a scoring contest (or be challenged), and win some scratch in addition to bragging right. The in-game currency goes towards weapon variations, accessories, and techniques.

Stage difficulty can be adjusted in Tag Climax, with a higher difficulty requiring a larger investment of Halos. The stages you have access to will depend on the “Verse Cards” you have acquired in the single-player campaign. In addition, the weapons, abilities, and characters unlocked in the single-player mode carry over into Tag Climax.

Bayonetta 2 is expected to be released exclusively for Wii U sometime in October.

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