’90s platformer mascot Bubsy seeks redemption on Steam Greenlight

1990s-era platformer mascot Bubsy the Bobcat is making a comeback on PCs, with publisher Retroism pitching a retro compilation via Steam Greenlight.

The proposed Bubsy Two-Fur will collect the side-scrolling platformers Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and Bubsy II in a digital compilation for Windows PCs.

Bubsy emerged during a boom period for mascot-driven platformers in the early ’90s, first arriving on the 16-bit Sega Genesis and Super NES in 1993. Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind earned infamy in the years after its release for its floaty play mechanics and sprawling level design that featured deadly enemies and instant-kill traps throughout.

As a character, Bubsy was talkative, sassy, and largely indicative of ’90s-era mascots in general. Voice clips featured prominently in all Bubsy games, giving the character a distinctly grating personality with catchphrases like “What could possibly go wrong?”

A sequel, Bubsy II, hit 16-bit platforms in 1994, and the Atari Jaguar console hosted an exclusive spin-off, Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales. Around the same time, publisher Accolade debuted a pilot episode for an animated series that never entered production.

The Bubsy series ended in 1996 with the release of Bubsy 3D for the original PlayStation. The 3D platformer fell flat in comparison to contemporary releases like Super Mario 64, and publisher Accolade later folded in 1999.

Retroism notes that new entries in the Bubsy series may be produced if Bubsy Two-Fur‘s Steam Greenlight campaign is successful.

“Bubsy’s journey to redemption begins with your vote to bring two of his 2-D games to authorized digital download for the first time in the Bubsy Two-Fur on Steam,” Retroism stated. “With your support, Bubsy may finally be able to look himself in the mirror and smile, carry himself with dignity, and perhaps find the strength within to go on new adventures again.”

Bubsy Two-Fur earned more than 1,600 “Yes” votes during its first day on Steam Greenlight, and currently ranks among the service’s top ten requested releases.