Capcom officially making a Devil May Cry movie

dmc Devil May Cry via incgamersDemon killing Dante may be the next pale and moody monster girls faun over. He’s made his way through manga, novels, comic books and anime—now Capcom has officially announced that Devil May Cry will be hitting the big screen.

The feature film rights have been purchased by Screen Gems, which is the Sony pictures subsidiary behind the Resident Evil movies. It’s a fitting place for the budding film project since the Devil May Cry game was originally slated to be part of the Resident Evil series. Not to mention, Screen Gems has done pretty well squeezing $580 million globally out of the popular Resident Evil movies. Some of Capcom’s other movie adaptation’s haven’t been as successful (looking at you Chun-Li movie).

The big screen Dante will be written by Kyle Ward who has worked on the screenplays for Hit Man 2 and Kane and Lynch, though is still relatively untested. No director has signed on to the project yet.

The Devil May Cry franchise has pumped out five video games, but the movie’s storyline will be based off the DmC Devil May Cry which is the latest in the series. The red-coated silver-haired Dante many players are used to seeing will not be in the movie. The hero of Ninja Theory’s upcoming game is a leaner, dark-haired more sadistic looking Dante who smokes. The new design is slightly reminiscent of Brandon Lee’s Crow.

Though the movie will be based off of the DmC Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory hasn’t given out anything concrete as to the game’s storyline; whether it will be a reboot with Dante avenging his mother’s death, or a prequel centering around a much younger demon hunter.