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Combine is the ultimate test of your Fortnite skills, but are you good enough?

You’ve racked up hundreds of wins in Fortnite‘s battle royale mode and are feared when you step onto the battlefield, but what if you could prove — irrefutably — that you are the best? In the game’s Combine playlist, you will be able to get quantifiable evidence so your friends can never question your skills again.

Released as part of the most recent update, The Combine is a playlist that tasks you with reaching a goal as quickly as you can while also making sure to eliminate the targets you come across. The mode demands your undivided attention, precision, and speed, and it includes leaderboards for lasting proof of your scores. You can also sort them by the input device used to get individual scores, so you can make sure someone with a fancy keyboard isn’t the one beating your controller-based time.

Speaking of controllers, Epic Games has changed how controller sensitivity works, giving you 10 presets, as well as more advanced sensitivity tools. Controllers have been given a new aim assist system that “calculates targets in screen space” so that your aim won’t be off from farther away. It can also track more than one target at a time, but target-snapping has also been disabled so controller-based players aren’t at an advantage. If a target is in your range that will not be affected by bullet drop, crosshairs will turn red. Mechs added a few months ago are, oddly, exploding upon landing — we don’t suggest getting into one.

Another challenge is also available as of September 26: Zone Wars. Featuring four different areas, the mode pits you against enemies in fast rounds that still make use of the storm, making it perfect for those with limited time. A special Zone Wars Challenge Bundle is available in the item shop. It features Hot Zone and Danger Zone outfits, and there are premium challenges for additional rewards. Everyone will receive a special spray and back bling for completing a free challenge, and they will be available until October 6.

If you’ve fallen off of Fortnite, this weekend is a great chance to jump back in. From now until 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET on September 30, you can get double XP for all the matches you play.

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