Conduit 2 goes weapons hot in new trailer

conduit 2 goes weapons hot in new trailer 22256c2 weapons3The Wii is not generally considered as a go-to console for first-person shooters. There are many reasons, some very legitimate, others simply based on bias against the Wii. So when a game is fighting against its own nature, it needs to be good to stand above the pack. Very good. The original Conduit had some moments that hinted at that potential greatness, and developer High Voltage Software hopes to build on that with the sequel, Conduit 2.

The game picks up almost immediately where the original ended, but if you missed the first, the second does not require you to have played it to understand. The enemies, known as the Drudge, are moving across the world. You play as Ford, and you fight the Drudge in locations ranging from Atlantis to Washington DC.

The game will also include a multiplayer online mode where 12 players face off, as well as a four player split-screen mode.

In the trailer below, the weapons of the game are highlighted. Take a look, and keep an eye out for Conduit 2 on February 15.