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Ryan Fleming

Ryan Fleming

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ryan Fleming is the Gaming and Cinema Editor for Digital Trends. He joined the DT staff in 2009 after spending time covering local news, travel features, and politics. He has also been a frequent guest on podcasts, radio programs, and TV spots. Ryan is a diehard gamer and follower of the gaming industry, an avid filmgoer, and a passionate supporter of his alma mater, the University of Kansas.

Find Ryan online at:
Twitter: @RyanFlemingPDX
XBL: Iridium Six
PSN: IridiumSix

Sony Playstation 4 logo

Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your PlayStation 4

There's more to the PS4 than meets the eye -- if you know where to look. These tips will help you make the most of Sony's flagship console.
Grand Theft Auto 5 Getting around

The best GTA 5 easter eggs

chinese console race begun xbox one launch china september xboxoneiscomingtochina web

The Chinese console race has begun: Xbox One to launch in China this September

Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch the Xbox One in China this September.
watch dog screens possibly want dogs ctos takedown  1394239141

Watch Dogs Season Pass will include new game modes, characters, and early access

Ubisoft has announced a $20 Season Pass for Watch Dogs. That cost will cover a single player DLC and an exclusive pack only available to Season Pass holders
a look at all the dc comics films rumored and in development

A look at all the DC Comics films rumored and in development [Updated]

nintendo isnt just gaming company according ceo iwata cat 3

Nintendo isn’t just a gaming company, according to its CEO

According to Nintendo’s CEO, Nintendo can be anything it wants to be.
watch dogs creative director talks multiplayer hacked

Watch Dogs’ director explains why you’re never safe, even playing alone

We sat down with Watch Dogs’ Creative Director Jonathan Morin to discuss the game’s online modes.

Rise of the Incarnates brings free-to-play god-on-god action to the PC later this year

Bandai Namco have introduced a new free-to-play brawler for the PC, due out later this year.

Star Wars Expanded Universe will live on, just not through the films

The official Star Wars YouTube page has posted a new video explaining Lucasfilm and Disney’s plans for the Expanded Universe.
dark souls 2 releases today pc screenshots show expect frpg2 2014 03 181932

Dark Souls 2 releases today on PC, and these screenshots show what to expect

Bandai Namco have released the PC version of Dark Souls 2, and we have some screenshots to show you what to expect.
virtuixs omni grabs 3 million funding

Virtuix’s Omni grabs $3 million in funding

Virtuix has received $3 million in seed funding to help it bring the Omni virtual reality treadmill to life. The first retails models are expected to ship this July, and a new model is on the way.
xbox 360 backward compatibility performance issues microsoft one review macro logo1

Best Buy offering up to $100 towards Xbox Ones for your old PS3 and Xbox 360s

Best Buy is offering $50 gift card, and a $50 coupon towards the purchase of an Xbox One if you trade in your working PS3 or Xbox 360 within the next week.

Mad Max delayed into 2015

Avalanche Studios and WBIE have announced that their open world combat game based on the movie series of the same name, has been delayed into 2015.
metal gear solid v ground zeroes celebrates 1 million shipped new free content gz ss dejavu 007

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes celebrates 1 million shipped with new, free content

Konami and Kojima are celebrating 1 million copies of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes shipped with content that was previously exclusive to a console.
man steel sequel reportedly adds cyborg mix featured

Man of Steel sequel reportedly adds Cyborg to the mix

After weeks of testing, Warner Bros. and DC have reportedly cast theater actor Ray Fisher in the role of Cyborg.
Wolfenstein The New Order hands on screenshot Castle

Check out an hour of gameplay from Wolfenstein: The New Order

MachineGames and Bethesda took to Twitch to show off an hour of the upcoming shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order.
gamestop sees mobile apple future

GameStop sees its future in mobile and Apple stores

GameSpot will close between 120 and 130 of its gaming retail locations worldwide, while vastly expanding its presence in the mobile and Apple world.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction adds Chaos Mode, and a never ending supply of targets

Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces Chaos Mode, a new way to approach the alien-slaughtering co-op game.

The third and final Hobbit film goes to war with a new title

Director Peter Jackson announced that the third Hobbit filmhas changed its name to The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.
china welcomes video games long play rules game ban lifted feature

China welcomes all console games… as long as they play by these rules

After lifting a 14 year ban on consoles, the Chinese government has laid out several guidelines that console games will need to follow.

Flash Gordon lands at 20th Century Fox, reboot in the works

20th Century Fox has finalized a deal to bring Flash Gordon back to the big screen and the studio has also hired two writers.
Watch Dogs preview

Preview: Hacking, shooting, and plowing through the future Chicago in Watch Dogs

batman arkham origins introduces mr freeze today dlc dlc2 freezethugs mktg v01c

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC introduces Mr. Freeze to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 today

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros. Games Montreal today released the single player DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins.
grid 2 review 3

Codemasters announces Grid: Autosport, five racing games rolled up into one

Codemasters revives the Grid series in Grid: Autosport, a play-it-your-way sim that combines five different styles of racing in a single package.
Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen challenges you to fight, die, and then do it all over again

CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen is coming later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sony wants Danny Boyle for its Steve Jobs biopic

Sony is reportedly in talks with director Danny Boyle to helm the Steve Jobs biopic.

Batman continues to celebrate 75 years with a new Batman Beyond short

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released a new short film based on the Batman Beyond animated show.

Sony Pictures offers a glimmer of hope for a possible BioShock movie

Sony Pictures Entertainment recently registered three websites for a BioShock movie.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U drops 130 screenshots – you read that right

Nintendo has released a shocking number of screenshots for upcoming fighting game Super Smash Bros. of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
two classic silent hill games heading ps vita origins

Two classic Silent Hill games heading to the PS Vita

Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are both heading to the PS Vita as download-only releases in Europe. No U.S. confirmation yet.
nintendo receives certification unknown new video player iwata

Plans surface for Nintendo’s mystery new video player

Nintendo received certification in Korea for a new, unknown product that is described in the certification listing as a “small video player.”
microsoft ships 5 million xbox one consoles titanfall leads game sales march launch 12

Microsoft ships 5 million Xbox One consoles, Titanfall leads all game sales in March

Microsoft has released sales figures for the Xbox One, and the Xbox One has shipped 5 million units since its launch.

Major League Gaming shows absolutely insane growth for

Major League Gaming is reporting that it has grown 1372-percent for its video streaming website,, was launched in November 2013.
ps4 sales tops 7 million worldwide 1 sold last month alone launch 4

PS4 sales top 7 million worldwide, 1 million sold in the last month alone

Sony released the sales figures for the PS4 as of April 6, 2014. According to the manufacturer, Sony has sold over 7 million units around the world.