Best Buy offering up to $100 towards Xbox Ones for your old PS3 and Xbox 360s

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Best Buy has a new deal running from Sunday, April 27 through Saturday, May 3. If you trade in a working PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, you will receive a $50 gift card, and a $50 coupon to use towards the purchase of an Xbox One.

In order for a trade-in console to be considered “working,” it must power on, still have the warranty seals in place, and not show any signs of major damage, including noticeable cracks. Other than that, if it works, you’ll receive $100 in credit and through a coupon that can be spent towards an Xbox One. You can always trade in the system and use the $50 gift card however you like, but the $50 coupon is specifically for the purchase of an Xbox One.

According to Best Buy, the deal is not available in all locations, so you may want to check with your local store before bringing your system in to trade. There is also a limit of one per customer, and this deal is not compatible with other deals.

The offer is similar to one that Microsoft hosted earlier in the year, where it also encouraged you to trade-in your PS3 or Xbox 360 at a local Microsoft store to receive $100 towards the purchase of an Xbox One, which currently sells for $499. Worldwide, Microsoft’s new system has shipped over 5 million units so far.