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Microsoft ships 5 million Xbox One consoles, Titanfall leads all game sales in March

microsoft ships 5 million xbox one consoles titanfall leads game sales march launch 12
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Over 5 million Xbox One consoles have shipped to retailers worldwide since its launch on November 22, Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi confirmed on Xbox Wire. He then went on to praise the success of Titanfall, which was the best-selling video game in March.

That’s slightly more than 1 million for this year since, as of January 2014, the Xbox One had shipped 3.9 million units. Those are what’s called “sold-in” numbers though, meaning the amount of product shipped to stores. By comparison, Sony recently confirmed that 7 million PlayStation 4s have sold through, meaning directly to customers. Sony also reported that nearly 1 million PS4s were sold worldwide in March alone.

The PS4 clearly has an early lead in terms of sales, but Microsoft’s numbers are still strong. The Xbox One is currently outselling the Xbox 360 at the same point in its life by a whopping 60-percent, according to Mehdi. 

Xbox One sales in the United States for March reached 311,000 units, a number that was no doubt helped by the release of Titanfall, which was the best-selling game of the month following its March 11 release. Exact sales numbers for the Electronic Arts-published game haven’t been released, but overall Xbox One game sales hit 1.4 million in March.

The Xbox 360 continues to chug along as well, with 111,000 units sold in March, along with 2.7 million games. Combined, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One accounted for 49-percent of all game sales for the month.

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