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Major League Gaming shows absolutely insane growth for

major league gaming shows absolutely insane growth mlg tv postermlg

Major League Gaming is reporting staggering growth numbers for its video streaming platform, Since its launch in late-November 2013, the platform has seen an increase in viewership of 1376-percent, the company confirms.

The increase marks a 60-percent growth month-over-month throughout Q1 2014. Viewer engagement is also remarkably high, with visitors watching an average of 157 minutes per visit. The site primarily focuses on streaming eSports gaming events and gaming sessions from pros, along with its own shows analyzing the world of eSports. The platform is currently looking at options for creating new, original content, as well as considering ways to lure in more top eSports talent to broadcast on the network. can be found online via a browser, or through an Android and iOS app. It recently made its debut on the Xbox 360 as well.

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