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Starz and Major League Gaming arrive on the Xbox with new TV Everywhere apps

Microsoft, alongside its relevant content partners at hand, revealed an expansion of its “TV Everywhere” video services in the form of launches of new authenticated apps for both the Xbox 360, as well as previews of future launches for the Xbox One. And movie buffs aren’t the only ones with reason for excitement — gamers can also revel in Microsoft’s launch of the Major League Gaming app on Xbox 360 earlier this week. 

Specifically, as far as the 360 is concerned, Starz has launched its Encore Play and Movieplex Play authenticated TV Everywhere apps that will join Starz Play (which has been a 360 app since last December). Later this year, Microsoft and Starz will release apps currently in development for the Xbox One.

As expected, viewing content from any of the new “Play” options will require a Pay-TV subscription to one of a host of partners such as DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse TV, Cox Communications, Google Fiber and Time Warner Cable, among many others. Comcast and Dish Network offer Starz content through their own TV Everywhere platforms, but not through Starz’s own app(s).

For the Xbox One, Microsoft has positioned the premium network/on-demand movie service EPIX for the development of an app slated for release later this year. EPIX has also extended authentication to certain TWC subscribers on the 360, offering free access to its app all the way through mid-June. In addition, the Xbox One will premiere its service just in time for Major League Baseball’s opening day, which will provide live and archived MLB content to subscribers of the service.

Finally, with gamers in mind, Microsoft announced via Xbox Wire the addition of a MLG app on 360, specifically available to Xbox Live Gold members in Australia, the U.K., Canada and the U.S. The app will let users watch all of the league’s programming, including podcasts and streams of some of the world’s best gamers competing in MLG’s premier competitions, live broadcasts of tournaments, and top-quality gaming content.

Considering Redbox’s recent announcement of its potential offering of PS4, Xbox One and Wii U games as early as April 1, and the host of new services available in the Xbox universe, gamers and movie fans alike should have quite a bit to look forward to in the near future. Just don’t forget to bring your cable or satellite subscription along.

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