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The best GTA 5 easter eggs

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. If you are looking for general tips and tricks for the game, check out our GTA 5 guide and be sure to read our GTA 5 review. But the world of Los Santos is massive, and it’s filled with secrets, easter eggs, and things to do that aren’t always obvious. That’s where this list comes in.

We’ll update this list with more videos frequently, so check back often. Beware the possibility of mild NSFW language and inappropriate imagery.

If you know of some easter eggs or secrets you’d like to see posted, or just want to pass on to others, let us know in the comments below.

Updated with more easter eggs

Frozen Alien

Submitted by Dynasty1031

Giant Ball for the Win

Submitted by Ctchy1230

Hang out with a Zombie

Submitted by CVG

Head back to GTA: San Andreas’ Grove Street

Submitted by Dynasty1031

Hunt Sasquatch

Submitted by Dat Saintsfan

GTA 5 playboy

The Ghost of Jolene Cranley Evans

Submitted by LiamFTWinter

Party at the Playboy Mansion

Submitted by Dat Saintsfan

Take a Guided Tour of Vinewood

Submitted by DYNASTY1031

The UFO above Mt. Chiliad

Submitted by ItsGstar

Underwater UFO Crash Site

Submitted by GameNewsOfficial

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