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Terry Crews is campaiging to voice the next ‘Overwatch’ character; you tell him he can’t

Terry Crews gets chance to prove he should voice Doomfist from 'Overwatch'

Watch Terry Crews in a mock audition for Overwatch's Doomfist
Terry Crews — the football, art, and acting multitasker famous for roles in films like White Chicks and the Fox TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine — now has his heart set on a slightly different role: a new character in Blizzard’s Overwatch. To that end, Yahoo gave him a chance to unofficially audition for the role, giving him a set of lines to read as the speculated-upon Doomfist himself.

While we still don’t know whether Crews will be joining the vocal cast of Overwatch, he has the right kind of voice for it. The video Yahoo Esports posted showed the ex-NFL player giving it his all and displaying the kind of attitude and humor he would bring to the role.

He even threw out a quick line saying he hopes Warcraft isn’t the last Blizzard property to be turned into a movie. He certainly has the physicality for such a role. If Blizzard did hire him on to voice the character, it would be a missed opportunity not to at least have him do some promo shots in costume.

The campaign to have Terry Crews voice the next person to wear the Doomfist gauntlet has been gathering steam for a while now. He fanned the flames himself recently when he took a trip to Blizzard’s headquarters to meet with Overwatch developers, but he didn’t specify his reason for the visit — speculation is that he was there to discuss appearing in the game as the unannounced character “Doomfist.”

“Loved my visit with the geniuses at Blizzard Entertainment today, and meeting with the creators of one of my favorite games, Overwatch!” Crews wrote on his Facebook page.

Adding fuel to the fire, World of Warcraft “in-game cinematic project director” Terran Gregory shared an image of Crews in the Blizzard studio. The director was even seen wearing an Overwatch Tracer T-shirt.

Crews previously stated in a Reddit thread spotted by GameSpot that he would “love” to play Doomfist, and it’s clear from the new video that his enthusiasm has not waned.

Though the character hasn’t been officially announced by Blizzard, the rumor mill has long maintained that Doomfist may be the next Overwatch character. The hero wields a giant gauntlet, making it very likely that he would fall into the “tank” class should he actually be playable. This would seem to make sense for a post-release addition, as the two characters added thus far have been “support” and “offense” specialists. The character would also likely be melee-focused, making him just the second character to not use a gun, cannon, or other projectile weapon.

Crews is no stranger to gaming, particularly on PC. Over the summer, he and his son built a gaming PC with the help of his Facebook fans, and he said that he was planning to connect two GTX 1080 GPUs via SLI in order to make his setup as powerful as he is.

Would you like to see Terry Crews play Doomfist? What should some of his in-game voice lines be? Let us know in the comments!

Updated on 02/06/2017 by Jon Martindale: Added news about Terry Crews’s unofficial audition for the voice role of Doomfist in Blizzard’s Overwatch.

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