Death lives: Darksiders 2 ‘Deathinitive Edition’ is coming to current-gen consoles

darksiders 2 deathinitive edition announced

Rumors have swirled around the proverbial mill for months, but Nordic Games has finally made it official: Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition will be coming to current-gen systems this winter, and the publisher has enlisted the help of former Darksiders developers to make the project possible.

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition, as the punny name suggestions, will include all DLC released for the original 2012 game, as well as an upgraded engine that will run the game in native 1080p. Much like with DmC: Definitive Edition, the remastered version of the game also includes gameplay tweaks and “reworked” loot distribution. The port is in development at Gunfire Games. While the name might not sound familiar, the studio includes many former members of original (and now defunct) Darksiders developer Vigil Games, including the game director, executive producer, and lead environment artist.

Nordic Games’ Business & Product Development Director Reinhard Pollice also confirmed that the company has a proper follow-up to Darksiders 2 planned for the future, saying, “there will be a large-scale project based on Darksiders, but for now it is very important for us to take care of the existing games and make those available to a broader audience.”

Before the dissolution of THQ, ideas for another Darksiders game were already being kicked around at developer Vigil Games. Creative director Joe Madureira told IGN in 2013 that the game would have featured four-player cooperative play. Since then, Madureira has announced a video game adaptation of his Battle Chasers comics with new studio Airship Syndicate, which also includes former Vigil staffers.

Today’s announcement is the first indication we’ve heard of an Xbox One version of Darksiders 2. While the phrase “current-gen consoles” leaves the confirmed platforms ambiguous, previous rumors suggested that the game may have only been coming to the PlayStation 4. In fact, Nordic Games’ official product listing for the game still only includes the PS4 logo.