Isaac has company in the new Dead Space 2 DLC “Severed”

dead space dlc severed ds2When playing Dead Space 2, did you ever stop to wonder what the rest of the inhabitants of the giant space station were up to while poor Isaac was busy trying to save everybody? Was everyone too busy to throw Isaac a bone? Or better yet, throw him grenade launcher? The answer is that everyone is was busy fleeing in terror and trying to escape being eaten to death, and on March 1 you will be able to live through one of the other inhabitant’s plight, when the DLC Severed is released.

Severed features the character Gabe Weller, who like the series protagonist Isaac Clarke, had the misfortune of surviving the Ishimura (and was a character in the game Dead Space Extraction), only to once again face off against the necromorphs on the Sprawl. Weller will suit up in a one-of-a-kind security suit and wield an upgraded plasma rifle, as he attempts to survive two chapters worth of necromorph hijinks.

Look for the Dead Space 2 DLC Severed on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on March 1, for $6.99 or 560 MS Points.