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Mega Bloks secures another franchise: Destiny sets are on the way

Just this weekend, we reported on Mega Bloks parent company Mattel signing a licensing agreement with Microsoft to produce a new line of Halo toys, but it appears that the company isn’t done with Bungie’s creations just yet. A new line of Destiny-themed sets are launching this fall, and they look to continue the high standard of quality that Mega Bloks’ video game products have set in recent years.

Polygon spotted the announcement, which was made from the New York Toy Fair, as well as a video showcasing several of the expected sets. Ghosts, Guardians, and some impressively-detailed weapons are supported by fearsome enemies and a certain crab-like monstrosity that should be instantly recognizable to fans of the game. Perhaps my favorite part is the clear rod jutting from each Guardian’s shoulders, which allows the Ghost to “float” next to them.

“With an epic mythos, an incredibly detailed universe, and characters that just make you want to jump into the action, Destiny has created a rich world of planet-hopping adventure where players can choose their own path, and become legend,” Mega Brands says. “Now, that world is coming to life in a whole new way with the launch of our new line of Destiny Mega Bloks construction sets in 2016!”

I’m curious how the company plans to market these sets alongside its Halo line, because although the vehicles and enemies are very different in the two games, several of the Guardians (and their weapons) look like they could have been included in a Halo set without much alteration. Thus far, other video game-themed Mega Bloks sets have been quite varied. Warcraft, Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty are not going to be confused, but retailers would be wise to give the Halo and Destiny sets plenty of buffer room on the shelves. We’ll see how Mega Bloks pulls it off when the Destiny line launches later this year.

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