Developer confirms Medal of Honor sequel

developer confirms medal of honor sequel mohConfirming rumors that have been swirling since the October release of EA and Danger Close’s Medal of Honor, the first-person shooter’s Executive Producer Greg Goodrich has posted on the game’s blog that a sequel is underway.

Although the new Medal of Honor sold 5 million copies, it was greeted with controversy over the inclusion—then removal—of the Taliban as playable opponents in the multiplayer side of the game. Once it was released, it then faced criticism for several glitches and quality control issues–which did not prevent it from being a good game, but did mar the title in its quest to replace Call of Duty as the FPS of choice.

The post promises that it is listening to feedback for the upcoming sequel, and the developer hopes to pass on some of the new details soon. The blog also recommitted its focus on presenting a realistic look at the life of the soldiers it emulates:

As you all know, our goal was to tell the story of today’s soldier and to do so with the utmost respect and reverence. We’ve received many letters, emails and messages from active servicemen and women from around the world, along with veterans and their families, with appreciation for our recent depiction of their community. I can’t tell you how important this is to everyone here at Danger Close Games. You are the heartbeat of this team and this franchise and we are privileged and honored to tell your story. Medal of Honor has always been fueled by the passion of our fans and the commitment and sacrifice shown by the men and women of our armed services.

The last title was released in October, so expect a year or two at least before the next title in the franchise arrives.