Device 6 dev Simogo reveals new project: The Sailor’s Dream

device 6 developers reveal new project sailors dream the sailor s

Simogo, the Swedish developer behind the delightful and innovative iOS game Device 6, has revealed its next project: The Sailor’s DreamMuch like Device 6The Sailor’s Dream discards established mobile gaming tropes in favor of experimental storytelling. In fact, this new game will go even further in that regard than its predecessor by not including any explicit puzzles at all. Instead, it will generate engagement through playful exploration as players piece together a nuanced, fractured narrative. The focus on environmental storytelling sounds similar in spirit to Digital Trends favorite Gone Home.

Gameplay will be a mix of non-linear exploration in an ocean full of islands, mixed with more linear sections that have yet to be revealed. Beautiful, 2D artwork and soothing, acoustic music by composer Jonathan Eng (who also contributed to Device 6) will be mixed with loads of text, coming again from Device 6 scribe Jonas Tarestad. Since piecing together the narrative is the game’s central focus, the developer is remaining quiet on story particulars. Hints from the trailer point toward a melancholy story of lost love.

The Sailor’s Dream will come to iOS devices sometime in late 2014.