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Will Fulton

Will Fulton

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Will Fulton is a New York-based writer and theater-maker. In 2011 he co-founded mythic theater company AntiMatter Collective ( for whom he is a writer, director, producer, and sound designer, and he has worked in various capacities with companies such as Target Margin, 500 Clown, and Court Theatre. Previously he has written criticism for He studied classics, theater, and media at the University of Chicago.

Person holding a smartphone while playing Pokémon Go.

The 10 best location-based games

The genre has a surprising amount of depth and offers games that are more than cheap clones or cash grabs. Here are the best location-based games on the market.
xbox one

How to factory reset an Xbox One

When giving away your old hardware or fixing a technical issue, sometimes you need to give your Xbox One a clean slate. Here's how to factory reset an Xbox One.
Xbox One X review both

How to transfer your Xbox One data

It's easy to move your games, apps, and settings to a new Xbox One console, even without an external hard drive. Here's how to transfer your Xbox One data.
Xbox One X

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro

Far from cooling down, the console wars are only getting more intense. We compare the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro to determine which is the best for you.
How to Take a Screenshot on PS4

How to take a screenshot on PS4

Sharing a screenshot or video of your gameplay is easier than ever on the PlayStation 4. Here's a quick guide on how to easily take a screenshot on your PS4.
fallout shelter number one falloutsheltertopapp

The best Fallout Shelter tips and tricks

The wasteland can be an incredibly hostile place if you don't know what you're doing. Here are some tips that will help your vault thrive in Fallout Shelter.
the legend of zelda breath wild best weapons master sword 640x0

The best weapons in BOTW, and where to find them

Breath of the Wild features more weapons than any entry in the series so far. However, each one has finite durability. Here are the best weapons in the game.

The best PlayStation 4 themes

Personalize your gaming experience with PS4 themes, including free, paid, and dynamic options. Picks include fan-favorite, third-party, and exclusive games.
Into the Breach Review

‘Into the Breach’ Review

‘FTL’ developer Subset Games took its sweet time making its second game, but mechs-versus-kaiju strategy game Into the Breach is well worth the wait.
Ghost of Tsushima

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ looks like a playable Kurosawa film

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is a PS4-exclusive samurai action/adventure game from Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions that captures the look and feel of classic samurai media, like the films of Akira Kurosawa, more accurately than any video game we’ve ever seen from our hands-off impressions at E3.
Beyond Good and Evil 2 screenshot

‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ is the space pirate opera of our dreams

‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ is one of the most anticipated games of the last decade, and we finally saw real gameplay at E3. We hope it can live up to its monumental promise.
starlink battle for atlas review 14

‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ hands-on preview

‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ is a smart next step for toys-to-life, adding interaction to the toys themselves. In practice, however, it didn’t necessarily enhance the gameplay enough to justify all the additional expense that the genre entails. Cool spaceship toys don’t buy themselves.
Generation Zero

A mix of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ and co-op, ‘Generation Zero’ is the robopocalypse

‘Generation Zero’ is an upcoming self-published project from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios. We took an early look at it in action this week at E3 and found that this co-op, open world, post-apocalyptic 80s nostalgia shooter is more than just the sum of its very trendy parts.
cultist simulator game art 2

‘Cultist Simulator’ shows there’s more to Lovecraft than tentacles

Cthulhu-creator HP Lovecraft’s influence can be found all over pop culture, and especially in games. Where most other media has reduced his work to a style, however, Alexis Kennedy’s new ‘Cultist Simulator’ captures the spirit of Lovecraft’s work better than anything we’ve ever played.
xbox adaptive controller 03

You can pre-order the Xbox Adaptive Controller now ahead of its September release

Pre-orders are now live for the Xbox Adaptive Controller and its many accessories, slated to ship in early September. It will open up a whole new world to disabled gamers everywhere. Microsoft opted to keep prices down by only including the bare minimum in the package and then allowing users to expand it à la carte.
how the xbox adaptive controller will redefine inclusive gaming e3 2018 e32018 9

Microsoft explains the past, present, and future of the Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller takes the most serious approach to accommodating physically disabled gamers that we’ve ever seen from one of the video game industry’s major hardware-makers. We spoke with Microsoft Senior Hardware Program Manager Gabi Michel, who managed development of the Adaptive Controller, to learn about how the project came to be, how it works, and how it will inform their approach to hardware going forward.
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Merchant

‘Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ hands-on preview

We loved the tough and beautiful 2015 indie gem ‘Ori and the Blind Forest.’ Microsoft and Moon Studios are back with a sequel, coming in 2019, and it looks to have more of everything we so adored about the first game.
dt game play live stream generic version01

DT Game Play weekly livestream

The latest episode of DT Game Play explore's Dontnod's new RPG, 'Vampyr'. At 3 p.m. PT today, we're taking to the streets of London in 1918 to help or feed on the innocent. 'Vampyr' released earlier today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
how to watch march 8 nintendo direct super smash bros

From ‘Anthem’ to ‘Smash Bros. on Switch,’ here are the games coming to E3 2018

E3 2018 is almost here, and reports and rumors are already piling up. Here are the games we know will be there, the ones we're hoping for, and the even some rumors.
An origami figure on the floor under the rain.

‘Heavy Rain’ is steeped in mood, light on player interaction

David Cage has reined in a lot of his past excess with the new Detroit: Become Human, but his serial killer noir thriller 'Heavy Rain' looks more like The Room than anything else, in retrospect. The game’s lack of meaningful interaction for players is a flaw that’s even harder to tolerate today.
swatting katherine clark swat team

Net neutrality bomb threat suspect has a history of hoax calls

A federal jury has charged Tyler Barriss with calling in two bomb threat hoaxes in December 2017, including one that delayed the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality vote. Barriss is already in custody, however, for a deadly "swatting" incident that same month.
The Crew 2 review

‘The Crew 2’ hands-on preview

Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racing sequel ‘The Crew 2’ adds planes, boats and a staggering menu of activities for you to try out, but its smartest addition might be a renewed focus on the world racing community. There’s no shortage of activities on land, sea, and in the air.
Detroit: Become Human Review

‘Detroit: Become Human’ Review

‘Detroit: Become Human’ is the latest from ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ designer David Cage, pushing his vision of games as playable movies further than it’s ever gone. The results are mixed, but it’s an undeniable accomplishment of adventure games.
scuff vantage controller announced scuf explored 1

Scuf’s Vantage controller will bring the Elite treatment to PlayStation 4

Elite gamepad manufacturer Scuf has announced the Vantage PS4 controller, developed in partnership with Sony. The Vantage brings many of the same pro-level customization features that we saw in the Xbox Elite Controller to the PS4, but even further improved.
Sims 3 running on PC.

Playing ‘The Sims’ in the harsh light of adulthood

Playing 'The Sims' in high school was a fun way to imagine independent life. Going back to play it again in your 30s is a very different and more sobering experience that casts light on how dehumanizing the endless treadmill of modern life can be.
overwatch rialto live ovr presskit new jpa 018

Venetian ‘Rialto’ payload map is now live in ‘Overwatch’

A new payload map, Rialto, has gone live in Blizzard's hero shooter Overwatch. Set in Venice, Italy, players first experienced a nighttime version of Rialto in the recent Retribution co-op event. The map arrives alongside a substantial overhaul for archer Hanzo, replacing his long-maligned Scatter Shot.
tomb raider movie reboot evan daugherty 2013 1920x1080

Lara, B.J., Kratos: Who’s next? 5 games ready for a ‘God of War’-style reboot

Video games are among the most nostalgia-driven art forms. Classic heroes like Kratos, Lara Croft, and B.J. Blazkowicz have all had critically adored returns to form in recent years, so we dug deep to find another wave of characters we think might be suitable for a modern reboot.
god of war muspelheim guide 20180424123410

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

Kratos faces all manner of challenges across the nine Norse realms in God of War, but when you're looking to cut out the puzzles and just focus on proving your worth in the battlefield, the volcanic realm of Muspelheim is the place to go. We've compiled tips for each of the different challenges, sorted by arena.
god of war gets myth right with the liberties it takes mythology feat 2 1

‘God of War’ gets myth right with the liberties it takes

The new ‘God of War’ makes the stories of Norse myth its own, and in so doing is more faithful to the source material than a literal retelling of the Norse gods’ stories. By returning to the source of mythic storytelling, it contains lessons that would be useful for our current obsession with originality.
games that might be delayed in 2018 god of war

‘God of War’ beginner’s guide

Whether you're a series veteran or a god-slaying newb, here are some starting tips and tricks to help you get your bearings in the new 'God of War'
sea of thieves review press kraken tentacles

‘Sea of Thieves’ review

‘Sea of Thieves’ is a unique hybrid of pirate MMO and playful sandbox, and one of the most thoughtful visions of multiplayer we’ve ever seen.
Brigitte Overwatch

New ‘Overwatch’ heroine, engineer Brigitte Lindholm, is now live

Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torb and squire of Reinhardt, has officially joined Overwatch as the 27th character.
devil may cry is stupid dark souls hd collection 20180313105752

It’s really stupid. But ‘Devil May Cry’ spawned much smarter offspring

Playing the original ‘Devil May Cry’ for the first time, we found a perfect artifact of its moment in time, as well as the seeds of gaming’s present.
blue shell your commute mario kart temporarily races onto google maps map narrow 0

Blue shell your commute: Mario Kart temporarily races onto Google Maps

Nintendo and Google have teamed up for Mario Day, March 10, to temporarily add Mario Kart to the Google Maps app for iOS and Android.