‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

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Kratos faces all manner of challenges across the nine Norse realms in God of War, but when you’re looking to cut out the puzzles and just focus on proving your worth in the battlefield, the volcanic realm of Muspelheim is the place to go. Ruled by the fire giant Sutr, Muspelheim is one of two optional realms where Kratos can test his might and earn some of the game’s most powerful equipment. Six combat arenas marked by a giant sword of Sutr line the ascent up a volcano, each presenting unique combat challenges that will test your ability to adapt to specific conditions such as time limits, avoid damage, or kill enemies in particular places.

You can first access Muspelheim after you’ve met Mimir and returned to the Witch’s house. After you’ve gathered all four cipher pieces, you can travel to Muspelheim via the realm travel room. The equipment you can earn here is most useful in the mid to late game, before you can craft the gear from Niflheim, so we recommend checking it out as soon as you are able — as Atreus is quick to remind you when you fail a challenge, if you hit a wall, you can always leave and come back later when you are stronger. Brokk has a workshop at the base of the volcano, and there are travel gates at each arena to allow easy travel within Muspelheim to anywhere you’ve previously reached. There are also a handful of chests scattered in the climbs between arenas, so be sure to look around as you ascend.

The challenges are divided into two rounds: On your first ascent, each of the first five arenas have two challenges — “Normal” and “Hard” — which you must complete in order to move on to the next arena. You can also warm up at any of the arenas, which will spawn enemies indefinitely until you opt to stop at the sword again. The sixth arena at the summit is a Valkyrie fight. After you’ve defeated her, you can go back and try the Impossible challenge at each arena, in any order. Complete any three of these and you will have enough keys to unlock the final challenge, Sutr’s Hidden Trials on the summit, which you can repeat many times to earn rewards that scale based on your performance.

We’ve compiled tips for each of the different challenges, sorted by arena, as well as the Hidden Trials. If you’re looking for more info, we recommend you also check out our general combat guide, which covers the fundamentals of Kratos’ battle-ready repertoire.

Editor’s Note: This guide contains narrative spoilers for God of War. We recommend waiting to read this guide until after you have gained access to the Muspelheim trials. Read at your own peril.

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