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God of War Ragnarok: all Ratatasks and rewards

As pressing a matter that the end of the world (aka Ragnarok) is in God of War Ragnarok, there’s always time to diverge from the main path and do some side activities. The game is a realm-hopping adventure, and essentially every place you visit has something optional you can do. There are main side quests, called Favours, but also smaller objectives you can do throughout your playthrough called Labours.

Many Labours are tied to your skills or various collectibles, but there is one special set called Ratatasks. Named after the caretaker of the world tree Yggdrasil Ratatoskr, this mystic squirrel will present you with four categories of tasks, each with multiple tasks, tiers, and rewards for completion. There are a ton of these, so knowing which ones to go for if you want the best rewards will save you quite a bit of effort. Frost up your ax and get ready to unleash your Spartan rage as we go over every Ratatask and their rewards in God of War Ragnarok.

How Ratatasks work

A giant lizard monster jumps on Kratos in God of War Ragnarok.

Just like Skill Labours, Ratatasks can be completed all across your journey through the nine realms in God of War Ragnarok. The only exception is that you can’t earn any progress toward them in the training areas.

After making it a certain amount through the story, Ratatoskr will unload a ton of tasks on you to complete if you wish. They are broken down into four major categories: Anxious, Arrogant, Bitter, and Perfectionist, with each one having a unique list of tasks within them. Each of those tasks is also broken up into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, with better XP payouts for completing each one. Thankfully, you don’t need to turn in any of these tasks and automatically earn the rewards as soon as you meet the requirements.

Here are all the Ratatasks for each category, plus how much XP you earn for completing each tier.


Wall Art — Read Runes

  • Bronze: Read nine Runes for 100 XP
  • Silver: Read 12 Runes for 225 XP
  • Gold: Read 15 Runes for 350 XP

Triple Wits — Open Nornir Chests

  • Bronze: Open 10 Nornir chests for 400 XP
  • Silver: Open 15 Nornir chests for 600 XP
  • Gold: Open 20 Nornir chests for 800 XP

Treasure Trove — Open Legendary Chests

  • Bronze: Open 30 Legendary chests for 250 XP
  • Silver: Open 40 Legendary chests for 400 XP
  • Gold: Open 50 Legendary chests for 550 XP

Mother Lode — Open Standard Chests

  • Bronze: Open 20 normal chests for 100 XP
  • Silver: Open 30 normal chests for 225 XP
  • Gold: Open 40 normal chests for 350 XP

Cryptic — Open Coffins

  • Bronze: Open 30 coffins for 100 XP
  • Silver: Open 40 coffins for 225 XP
  • Gold: Open 50 coffins for 350 XP

Tree of Life — Collect Yggdrasil Dew

  • Bronze: Collect five dew drops for 250 XP
  • Silver: Collect seven dew drops for 400 XP
  • Gold: Collect nine dew drops for 550 XP

Scholarly — Find Scrolls

  • Bronze: Collect six scrolls for 100 XP
  • Silver: Collect nine scrolls for 225 XP
  • Gold: Collect 12 scrolls for 350 XP

Historian — Read Lore Markers

  • Bronze: Read 15 lore markers for 100 XP
  • Silver: Read 20 lore markers for 225 XP
  • Gold: Read 25 lore markers for 350 XP


For Sparta — Perform Spartan Kicks

  • Bronze: Perform 45 Spartan Kicks for 250 XP
  • Silver: Perform 50 Spartan Kicks for 400 XP
  • Gold: Perform 75 Spartan Kicks for 550 XP

Flawless — Perform Parries

  • Bronze: Perform 50 parries for 100 XP
  • Silver: Perform 75 parries for 225 XP
  • Gold: Perform 100 parries for 350 XP

On the Rocks — Shatter Frozen enemies

  • Bronze: Shatter 50 enemies for 400 XP
  • Silver: Shatter 75 enemies for 600 XP
  • Gold: Shatter 100 enemies for 800 XP

Limb from Limb — Dismember enemies

  • Bronze: Dismember 150 enemies for 250 XP
  • Silver: Dismember 200 enemies for 400 XP
  • Gold: Dismember 250 enemies for 550 XP

Stunned — Stun enemies

  • Bronze: Stun 300 enemies for 100 XP
  • Silver: Stun 400 enemies for 225 XP
  • Gold: Stun 500 enemies for 350 XP

Chilled — Freeze enemies

  • Bronze: Freeze 30 enemies for 100 XP
  • Silver: Freeze 40 enemies for 225 XP
  • Gold: Freeze 50 enemies for 350 XP

Charred — Burn enemies

  • Bronze: Burn 100 enemies for 100 XP
  • Silver: Burn 150 enemies for 225 XP
  • Gold: Burn 200 enemies for 350 XP


Sonic Boom — Destroy Sonic barrels

  • Bronze: Destroy 15 barrels for 250 XP
  • Silver: Destroy 20 barrels for 400 XP
  • Gold: Destroy 25 barrels for 550 XP

Demolition — Destroy red pots

  • Bronze: Destroy 30 red pots for 100 XP
  • Silver: Destroy 40 red pots for 225 XP
  • Gold: Destroy 50 red pots for 350 XP

Drop in the Bucket — Break hanging loot

  • Bronze: Break 45 hanging loot for 400 XP
  • Silver: Break 60 hanging loot for 600 XP
  • Gold: Break 75 hanging loot for 800 XP

Anger Management — Punch chests

  • Bronze: Punch 75 chests for 100 XP
  • Silver: Punch 100 chests for 225 XP
  • Gold: Punch 125 chests for 350 XP

Dream Catcher — Destroy Nightmare Haunts

  • Bronze: Destroy three Haunts for 250 XP
  • Silver: Destroy four Haunts for 400 XP
  • Gold: Destroy five Haunts for 550 XP

Exterminator — Destroy Wretch Nests

  • Bronze: Destroy three nests for 250 XP
  • Silver: Destroy four nests for 400 XP
  • Gold: Destroy five nests for 550 XP

Jackpot — Break pots

  • Bronze: Break 300 pots for 100 XP
  • Silver: Break 400 pots for 225 XP
  • Gold: Break 500 pots for 350 XP


Olympian — Throw Rocks

  • Bronze: Throw nine rocks for 400 XP
  • Silver: Throw 12 rocks for 600 XP
  • Gold: Throw 15 rocks for 800 XP

Batter Up — Swing Trees

  • Bronze: Swing five trees for 400 XP
  • Silver: Swing seven trees for 600 XP
  • Gold: Swing nine trees for 800 XP

High Ground — Perform ledge drop attacks

  • Bronze: Do 30 drop attacks for 100 XP
  • Silver: Do 40 drop attacks for 225 XP
  • Gold: Do 50 drop attacks for 350 XP

The Butcher — Use the Blades of Chaos on stunned enemies

  • Bronze: Use the Blades on 100 enemies for 250 XP
  • Silver: Use the Blades on 125 enemies for 400 XP
  • Gold: Use the Blades on 150 enemies for 550 XP

The Huntsman — Use the Leviathan Axe on stunned enemies

  • Bronze: Use the Axe on 100 enemies for 250 XP
  • Silver: Use the Axe on 125 enemies for 400 XP
  • Gold: Use the Axe on 150 enemies for 550 XP

Temper Tantrums — Unleash Rage

  • Bronze: Use Rage 50 times for 100 XP
  • Silver: Use Rage 75 times for 225 XP
  • Gold: Use rage 100 times for 350 XP

Runic Routine — Activate Runic attacks

  • Bronze: Use 100 Runic attacks for 100 XP
  • Silver: Use 150 Runic attacks for 225 XP
  • Gold: Use 200 Runic attacks for 350 XP

Relic Ritual — Activate Relic attacks

  • Bronze: Use Relics 100 times for 100 XP
  • Silver: Use Relics 125 times for 225 XP
  • Gold: Use Relics 150 times for 350 XP

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