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PlayStation Spring Sale: best deals, how long is the sale, and more

With the rise of all-digital consoles, more and more people are doing a majority of their game shopping on digital storefronts. For PlayStation 5 owners, whether you have a disk drive or not, you more than likely have at least a couple of games purchased from the PlayStation Store. The convenience of simply downloading a game and not having to worry about the disk is great, but you also can catch some amazing deals. The biggest sales events come seasonally, and the current Spring Sale is offering deep discounts of up to 90% on some of the biggest games on the platform. If you’ve been waiting to pick up one of the great games you missed earlier this year or in years past, now might be the best time to snag it for cheap!

When is the PlayStation Spring Sale 2024?

The PlayStation Spring Sale started on March 27, 2024, but new deals were added on April 10 that will last until April 24.

If any deal is exclusively for a PS5 version of a game that is also on PS4, we will note that beside the title. Since all PS4 games run on PS5, we won’t mark PS4 games.

Best deals for the PlayStation Spring Sale

Kratos carries an axe out of Valhalla in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla
God of War Ragnarök Sony Interactive Entertainment

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League — was $70, now $35 (50% off)

God of War Ragnarök — was $70, now $40 (43% off)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — was $60, now $30 (50% off)

Horizon Forbidden Westwas $50, now $30 (40% off)

Sonic Superstars — was $60, now $36 (40% off)

Atomic Heart was $70, now $35 (50% off)

Demon’s Souls was $70, now $29 (58% off)

Cyberpunk 2077was $50, now $30 (40% off)

RoboCop: Rogue City was $60, now $39 (35% off)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was $40, now $22 (45% off)

Best deals under $20

Kingdom Hearts 2
Disney/Square Enix

Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswas $50, now $20 (60% off)

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2was $50, now $20 (60% off)

Overcooked! All You Can Eat was $40, now $16 (60% off)

Cult of the Lamb was $25, now $15 (40% off)

Guardians of the Galaxy was $60, now $15 (75% off)

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX was $50, now $20 (60% off)

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition was $40, now $16 (60% off)

Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age was $50, now $20 (60% off)

Best deals under $10

Lady Maria sitting in a chair.

Bloodbornewas $20, now $10 (50% off)

Fallout 4 was $20, now $5 (75% off)

Outlastwas $20, now $2 (90% off)

Shadow of the Tomb Raiderwas $40, now $10 (75% off)

Little Nightmares was $20, now $5 (75% off)

Control: Ultimate Editionwas $40, now $10 (75% off)

Shadow of the Colossus was $20, now $10 (50% off)

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