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Best Meta Quest 3 deals: Get Asgard Wrath 2 for free and more

A product shot of the Meta Quest 3 shown in dramatic lighting over a gradient background.

While VR may not be the amazing futuristic thing that we all imagined it would be a decade ago, it’s actually advanced quite a bit, and in the past few years, it’s become even more affordable for those who want to try it out. In fact, some of the best VR headsets are pretty affordable and aren’t like the older headsets that used to cost thousands of dollars, with one great modern example being the Meta Quest 3. Even better, the Quest 3 doesn’t require you to have a high-end gaming PC, and even if you went for some Meta Quest 2 deals, you’d still get a fun and powerful device, which is why we’ve gone and collected some of our favorite VR headset deals and bundles for you below.

Today’s best Meta Quest 3 deals

Meta Quest 3 (128GB) — $496 with Asgard’s Wrath II

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

If you buy the 128GB model of the Meta Quest 3 for its sticker price from Amazon or Best Buy, you’ll also get a copy of Asgard’s Wrath II. In this sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed VR games, you’ll be battling gods and monsters in an epic action RPG using unique weapons and different combat styles. The VR headset comes with a pair of Touch Plus controllers with wrist straps.

Meta Quest 3 (512GB) — $650 with Asgard’s Wrath II, six months of Quest+

Meta Quest 3 sitting on a display table.

The 512GB model of the Meta Quest 3 is available for pre-order from Best Buy for $650. Not only does it come with a pair of Touch Plus controllers and Asgard’s Wrath II, you’ll also receive a free six-month trial of Meta Quest+, a subscription service that will give you two VR games to play every month. Usually costing $8 per month, the VR games that you get from the service will remain playable as long as your subscription is active.

Should you buy the Meta Quest 3?

Make the jump into virtual reality with the Meta Quest 3. The headset features a very simple design, but it offers realistic graphics, quick load times, and seamless gameplay through the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset. Instead of eye tracking, it uses an extensive camera-tracking setup that enables advanced mixed reality. It runs for up to 2.2 hours on a single charge with average, and once the Meta Quest 3’s battery goes empty, it only take 2 hours of charging with its 18W power adapter to get to full charge. The new Touch Plus controllers of the Meta Quest 3 utilize AI algorithms and an IR sensor, and they’re powered by AA batteries.

In our Meta Quest 3 versus Meta Quest 2 comparison, the only negative about the latest model of the VR headset is its higher price. However, it does everything better than its predecessor, including improved image clarity through the use of pancake lenses, color passthrough for better mixed reality, 30% more resolution at 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye, a GPU that’s twice as fast, and 40% louder sound.

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