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violent games orlando e3 2016 shooters  3

I like playing shooters, too. But can’t we do better?

Against the backdrop of a violent shooting tragedy in Orlando, E3's annual parade of violent games takes on new meaning.
South Park Fractured but Whole screenshot 5

South Park rips Marvel a new one with ‘The Fractured But Whole’

South Park and Ubisoft are teaming up again for a follow-up to 2014's 'Stick of Truth," this time skewering superheroes with 'The Fractured but Whole.'
ea play 2016 star wars screenshot 06 12 at 4 51 46 pm

EA is really going all-in on Star Wars

EA is going all-in on Star Wars for the foreseeable future, announcing new games in the next few years from Motive, DICE, Visceral, and Respawn.
injustice 2 leak injustice2

Ready for more Injustice? Poster for superhero fighter sequel leaks ahead of E3

A Gamestop promotional poster for Injustice 2, an anticipated sequel to NetherRealm Studio's DC superheroes/supervillains fighting game, has been leaked.
horizon zd delayed zero dawn feat

Horizon Zero Dawn delayed until February 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games' post-post-apocalyptic, third-person action RPG, has been delayed from its original 2016 release to February 2017.
overwatch new support hero overwatchhanzo

No second chances: Blizzard drops the ban hammer on Overwatch cheaters

Blizzard has taken a no-nonsense stance on cheating in its new team shooter Overwatch, banning over 1500 Chinese players in the week since launch.
Super Mario Maker

Scientists prove playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ can be as hard as complex math

A team of computer science researchers has shown that levels in Super Mario Bros. can be as tough to solve as some of the most complex math problems.
overwatch 7 million players overwatchgenji

Join DT playing Blizzard’s Overwatch on Twitch

Join Digital Trends' Will Fulton playing Blizzard's newly-released hero shooter, Overwatch, on Twitch at 1pm EST.
1154832 autosave v1 kojima

Legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima is done with big studios

After an awkward breakup with Konami, Metal Gear Solid auteur Hideo Kojima is done with big studios, and wants to keep his new team around 100 people.
stellaris twitch stream

Conquer the galaxy with us live in Stellaris

Stellaris is Paradox Interactive's grand strategy take on galactic 4X. Join DT's Will Fulton on Twitch at 1 p.m. EST as we try and conquer the galaxy.
Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Civilization VI brings sprawling cities, complex combat, cunning enemies

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Hands on: Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

battlefield 5 ww1 leak

Battlefield 5 leak suggests we’re going back in time

A leaked promotional image for the next Battlefield game suggests that the series is bucking the genre's futurist trends by going back to WWI.
ousted infinity ward founders form new company modern warfare 21

Want Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered? You'll have to buy Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will only be sold as part of special edition bundles of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare when it launches in November.
codenames mobile announced codenamesios

Codenames, BoardGameGeek's No. 1 party game, is going mobile

Codenames, the number-one party game on BoardGameGeek from Vlaada Chvátil, is coming to mobile platforms, developed by publisher Czech Games Edition.
Stardew Valley

Work is never done on the farm: Breakout sim Stardew Valley getting updates

Stardew Valley has a major new content update in the works, in addition to the promise of co-op multiplayer, and ports for Mac, Linux, and consoles.
infinite warfare reveal

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s first trailer takes the battle into deep space

Call of Duty blasts off into space with Infinite Warfare, coming this November from series originator Infinity Ward, alongside a remastered Modern Warfare.
xcom2 viper hero

XCOM 2 getting five more official mods from Long War Studios starting today

Long War Studios is creating five more official mods for XCOM 2, the first of which is available today.
apple body found version 1461839249 at hq

Employee found dead on Apple campus identified; company offers sympathies

A body was found in a conference room of Apple's Cupertino HQ. No identification has yet been given, but early reports suggest a suicide.

LawBreakers is a master class in arena shooters from the guy who invented them

star fox zero review featured

Star Fox Zero review

pocket racing kickstarter

Pocket Racing brings toy cars into the 21st century

Pocket Racing uses custom, actuated toy cars to seamlessly blend real-world play with a digital racing game for Android and iOs tablets.
Ken Levine

BioShock’s Ken Levine will fuse games and film with interactive Twilight Zone reboot

CBS and Interlude have signed on BioShock creator Ken Levine to write and direct an interactive take on the classic anthology series, The Twilight Zone.
stairway to tax heaven 2

Get ye shell corporation: the Panama Papers have an adventure game

Journalists at the Toronto Star have created a browser-based newsgame in order to teach people about the tax evasion practices exposed by the Panama Papers.
Xbox Windows UWP

Any Xbox One can become a game dev unit starting today

A preview of the long-promised Xbox Developer Mode is available today, allowing anyone to turn a retail Xbox One console into a developer kit.
Fallout 4

Bethesda explains Fallout 4’s Survival Mode, now available on Steam beta

Fallout 4's long-promised Survival Mode substantially amps up the challenge and immersion, and is available now in beta to anyone playing through Steam.
below hands on featured

Hands on: Below

Manus VR Gloves

Hands in: Manus VR Gloves

legend of bumbo teaser

The Binding of Isaac’s beggar might be getting his own game in The Legend of Bum-bo

Edmund McMillen, creator of The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, has teased a new spin-off to Isaac called The Legend of Bum-bo.
hearthstone old gods reveal whispers of the

Madness beckons: Whispers of the Old Gods expands Hearthstone this April/May

Whispers of the Old Gods, the upcoming third expansion for Hearthstone, will add 134 new cards full of Lovecraftian flavor in late April/early May.
xcom 2 anarchys children details anarchy

Anarchy’s Children takes XCOM 2 to Burning Man on March 17

XCOM 2's first DLC, Anarchy's Children, arrives on March 17, adding a whole host of new soldier customization options for your scrappy, ragtag guerrillas.
microsoft at e3 fable legends screen 3

Microsoft shutters Fable developer Lionhead Studios, along with Fable Legends

Microsoft has shut down two of its European Studios, Lionhead and Press Play, ceasing development on Fable Legends and Project Knoxville along with them.
lenovo game state interview

In Lenovo’s experimental Game State, development is a gamer democracy

Leading computer hardware manufacturer Lenovo has partnered with indie studio Dark Rift and over 10,000 gamers to make a crowdsourced indie game.
fallout 4 dlc revealed fallout4 automatron01 cut

Fallout 4’s first DLC to add custom robots and Bethesda’s largest expansion ever

Bethesda has finally released details on the first three major DLC expansions for Fallout 4, promising personal robots, new settlement options, and more.