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E3 2015 Backwards Compatible Xbox One.

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility also supports DLC and multiplayer

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games will support DLC and online multiplayer, at the publishers' discretion.
Horizon Zero dawn screenshot 2

5 trends from E3 2015 that will reshape the world of gaming

halo 5 warzone impressions image 1

Go big or go home: Hands-on impressions of Halo 5’s new Warzone multiplayer

Halo 5: Guardians' new multiplayer mode, Warzone, is the largest Halo format yet, pitting two teams of 12 against each other and a map full of AI baddies.
Horizon Zero dawn screenshot 7

Horizon Zero Dawn is even better than the mind-blowing trailer made you think

We took a closer look at Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games' open world post-post-apocalyptic game where primitive people hunt giant, robot dinosaurs.
The Last Guardian screenshot 4

The Last Guardian is an honest-to-god real game

We got to see creative director Fumito Ueda himself play through a live demonstration of the long-anticipated The Last Guardian
vuzix iwear e3

Step aside, noobs: digital eyewear maker Vuzix brings its own gaming VR set to E3

VuziX has revealed the iWear high definition video headphones, which are now open for pre-order and available for fans to try directly on the floor at E3.
e3 2015 12 anticipated games fallout 4 feature

Fallout 4, and 11 other games we can’t wait to play at E3 2015

E3, the biggest week in the year for video game industry news, is nearly upon us. Here are twelve of the games that we are most excited to see there
dishonored 2 reveal

Grab your mask: Dishonored 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Arkane confirmed that Dishonored 2 is in the works for PS4, XB1, and PC. Corvo is joined by a new protagonist, Emily Caldwen, with her own unique gameplay.
youtube gaming four new countries

Google officially plans to take on Twitch with new YouTube Gaming site

Confirming earlier rumors, YouTube has officially announced YouTube Gaming: a new site and app that could be the first serious challenger to Twitch.
warcraft flying draenor mount

Blizzard will allow flying mounts in Draenor (with a catch)

Blizzard has a compromise for flying mounts in the new expansion areas, enabling players to take to the sky after they have explored the new zones on foot.
halo 5 campaign no split screen guardians multiplayer beta trench breakout move out

Halo 5 split-screen co-op to be online-only and you’ll need Xbox Live Gold

Halo 5: Guardians will feature four player co-op for the campaign mode, but in a series first it will be online only, doing away with split-screen.
Turtle Beach Headsets

Exclusive: Turtle Beach’s full lineup of new gaming headsets for E3 2015

Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark took time to share with us the exciting lineup of cutting-edge gaming audio technology they are showing off at E3 2015

Eight of the world’s best speedrunners have been drafted for the Nintendo World Championship 2015

Splatoon will make its official, competitive debut at the Nintendo World Championship 2015, which will be emceed by Kevin Pereira.
XBox One

Xbox One gets a permanent price drop, 1 TB internal storage, and an improved controller

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox One will feature 1TB of internal storage and a 3.5mm headphone jack for the wireless controller.
splatoon minecraft mod

No Wii U, but want to play Splatoon? Now you can – in Minecraft

A mod for Minecraft recreates the core, team-based competitive mode of Splatoon, Nintendo's recently released colorful shooter, exclusively on the Wii U.
gta online ill gotten gains illgotten008

Live like Donald Trump with GTA Online’s Ill-Gotten Gains this week

Rockstar is stocking GTA Online's retailers with the latest in gaudy, luxury goods to spend your hard-earned heist reward cash on with Ill-Gotten Gains.
xcom 2 pc exclusive

Firaxis has big plans for XCOM 2, and that’s why it’s PC-only

XCOM 2 creative director Jake Solomon explains Firaxis' surprising decision to develop the game exclusively for Windows, Mac, and Linux, at least for now.
steam requires users disclose paid endorsements controller

Meet the release-ready Steam Controller

Valve's long-anticipated Steam Controllers are finally available for pre-order. Here's a new video that breaks down its defining features.
hearthstone new heroes magni

New heroes are entering the fray in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard has announced that new heroes will be joining Hearthstone, giving the existing classes new portraits, animations, and voiceover.
hatoful boyfriend holiday star announcement

For the birds: Hatoful Boyfriend sequel will have a western release this fall

Hatoful Boyfriend, the exquisitely bizarre bird dating Japanese visual novel, has a sequel coming to the west this fall for PS4, Vita, and PC.
skylanders superchargers announcement sky slicer and stealth elf 1

Skylanders: Superchargers adds vehicles for all the budding gearheads

The newest Skylanders game adds vehicles (land, sea, and air) for you to pilot, opening up whole new kinds of gameplay, both analog and digital.
The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

fallout 4 announcement trailer state house

Dust off your Pip-Boy: Fallout 4 is coming, and it’s set in Boston

Bethesda has finally announced Fallout 4, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Glimpses in the trailer seem to confirm rumors of a Boston setting.
bloodstained wii u stretch

Castlevania successor Bloodstained blows past its Wii U stretch goal

Castlevania successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has broken $3 million in its Kickstarter campaign, unlocking a Wii U port once the game is released.
rise tomb raider galaxy of the february 06 games aktuell pc

Lara Croft laughs at climbing safety practices in Rise of the Tomb Raider’s new teaser

Square Enix has shared another teaser trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider in anticipation of its full gameplay reveal at E3 2015.
lego worlds announcement vehicles digger

Battle of the Blocks: Lego takes on Minecraft with Lego Worlds

The biggest name in real world block-building is taking on the king of video game construction with Lego Words, TT Games' take on Minecraft.

Take the fight back to the xenos in XCOM 2 this November

Firaxis has announced XCOM 2, a sequel to its fantastic 2012 strategy game. This time you are guerrillas trying to bring down an alien-puppeted regime.
gearbox escapes aliens colonial marines lawsuit

The lawsuit over Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer class action, and no longer includes Gearbox

The plaintiffs who sued Sega and Gearbox over misleading advertising for Aliens: Colonial Marines have dropped Gearbox from the lawsuit.
Batman Arkham Knight

I’ll take the Limited Edition with fries and a Diet Coke: Batman: Arkham Knight’s pre-order bonuses

Here's our breakdown of all the pre-order bonuses for Batman: Arkham Knight, depending on where you buy it, the platform, and the edition you choose.
google expeditions announcement

Google wants to take students around the world and beyond with Expeditions

Google Expeditions provides complete sets of cardboard VR goggles so teachers around the world can take their students on virtual reality field trips.
cyberpunk 2077 delayed

CD Projekt Red sets Cyberpunk 2077 aside to focus on The Witcher 3 next year

CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, has been put on hold so the studio can focus on developing more content for its wildly successful The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
borderlands 2 pre sequel legendary drop rates vita

You are Legend: Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel now drop 3x as many legendary items

Gearbox has implemented a hot fix for both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that permanently triples the drop rate of legendary items.
Nvidia Shield Console

Nvidia’s Shield, an Android TV microconsole, is available now

The Nvidia Shield set-top box is out, a robust game and video streaming platform built on Android TV and powered by a beefy Tegra X1 processor.
Google Cardboard VR

One year on, Google Cardboard is bigger and better than ever

One year after introducing it, Google has updated its DIY Cardboard VR with a simpler design, support for larger screens, and SDK support for iOS.