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How to make your own radio station in Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC

4K resolution and 60 fps animation are great, but one of the best perks of GTA 5's new PC version is the ability to create your own, in-game radio station
Nintendo Controller

GameStop will soon resume trading in classic games and consoles

Dust off your Sega Genesis and N64, because GameStop will soon resume trading in retro consoles, games, and accessories on April 25 in NYC and Birmingham.
House of Wolves

Destiny’s next DLC will not add a new raid

House of Wolves, the upcoming DLC for Destiny, will not include a new raid, no doubt to the chagrin of many players who are eager for a new challenge.
Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero is coming back with a new ax to grind

After a 5-year hiatus, Guitar Hero is coming back this fall with a redesigned ax, a new developer, and a renewed focus on making you feel like a rock star.
twig april 17 2015 mortal kombat x quan chi

Mortal Kombat X eviscerates this week in new gaming releases

Mortal Kombat X and Titan Souls will provide grueling challenges for AAA and indie gamers alike with this week's best new video game releases.
destiny patch gear lock gun

If you like it then you should have put a lock on it: Destiny’s new patch protects your gear

An upcoming patch for Destiny will address a problem that is all too familiar to players of loot-heavy games: accidentally scrapping your best gear.
twig may 22 2015 witcher04

The Witcher 3’s new trailer features magical unicorn sex–what else do you need to know?

The latest gameplay trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gives us the most comprehensive look yet at CD Projekt Red's upcoming RPG: sex, blood and all.
Zelda Game Of Thrones

It’s the Game of Thrones intro meets The Legend of Zelda: Enough said

An exceptionally talented fan has created a very literal interpretation of Netflix's rumored Game of Thrones-style Zelda TV adaptation.
remember battletoads before they hop back on xbox were looking nes

Throwback: Relive the punishing difficulty of Battletoads

Xbox chief Phil Spencer's recent nod to Battletoads has brought speculation to a fever pitch that Rare will be reviving the franchise.
crimean sanctions blizzard warcraft crimea

U.S. sanctions bar Crimean gamers from World of Warcraft

Following U.S. sanctions against Crimea, Blizzard has suspended access to, the framework behind games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.

Massively single-player: The Witcher 3’s DLC will add 30 more hours to its 200+

CD Projekt Red has announced two DLC expansions for The Witcher 3, which will add a combined 30+ hours to the massive RPG's already impressive 200+ hours.
deus ex mankind divided news deusex1

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Square Enix has confirmed that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a sequel to 2011's Human Revolution, is coming soon to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
ghost in the shell online announcement stand alone complex

We Major: Free-to-play shooter Ghost in the Shell Online coming this year

A free-to-play first-person shooter set in the cyberpunk future of anime classic "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" is coming out later this year.
twig april 10 2015 xenobladechronicles3d

Put your new hardware through its paces with this week’s gaming releases

This week's video game releases are all about getting the most out of their hardware platforms, including the first exclusive for Nintendo's New 3DS XL.
cod black ops 3 viral teaser call of duty

Hey, I know that ghost! Activision starts teasing the next Call of Duty

A subtle addition to a few maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 seems to indicate a new viral campaign for what will likely be Black Ops 3.
microsoft xbox one review macro logo

Party chat, achievements, and game hubs get a spring cleaning in Xbox One’s April update, now live

Spring is in the air, and the April system update for Xbox One is now live, with new Party Chat and game hub features.
mortal kombat x mobile announcement  raiden trailer screengrab

Mortal Kombat X’s launch trailer shows of the series’ biggest and bloodiest entry yet

Mortal Kombat X's launch trailer has made its way into the wild, showing off the story and gory action of NetherRealm's upcoming fighter.
PlayStation Vita

Did you buy a PlayStation Vita before June 2012? Sony owes you money!

The lawyers behind a class action lawsuit against Sony over deceptive advertising for the PlayStation Vita have launched a website for claimants.
square enix project ckp reveal

Can’t Kill Progress, Square Enix’s interactive Twitch teaser, is underway

Publisher Square Enix has teased on Twitter that a new game developed by one of its western studios will be revealed on Twitch today.
gta 5 pc trailer gtav 4k 9

Check out Grand Theft Auto 5 at 60fps, coming soon to Windows

Rockstar has released the first trailer (at 60 frames per second) for the upcoming Windows version of Grand Theft Auto 5, set to launch on April 14.
Star Wars Battlefront

Uncle Darth wants you to playtest the new Star Wars Battlefront

EA has sent out a call for playtesters near San Francisco or Vancouver to try out the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront revival.
nintendo direct april 1 2015 smash bros wii u lucas mewtwo

Vote for the next Super Smash Bros. fighter and more highlights from Nintendo’s livestream

Despite the date, the April 1st Nintendo Direct was no joke, with exciting details about a wide range of Nintendo's upcoming games and DLC.
tbt toejam and earl 05df1d909bc58d3beb1d6d4ef9fc91a3 original

Throwback: Reboot to 1991 with ToeJam & Earl before their Kickstarter revival

Following ToeJam & Earl's Kickstarter reboot success, we look back at the franchise's roots for the benefit of nostalgic fans and confused newcomers alike.
kojima silent hills removed street scene

Kojima Productions logo removed from <em>Silent Hills</em> website

The Kojima Productions logo is now conspicuously absent from the website for Konami's Silent Hills/P.T., stirring up fears that Kojima is no longer on board
backward compatibility

Microsoft considered giving away the original Xbox for free

At the turn of the millennium, Microsoft toyed with a different vision for the Xbox: free, focused on casual gamers, to sneak Windows into the living room.
assassins creed chronicles announcement china

<em>Assassin’s Creed Chronicles</em> will explore new horizons for the series

Assassin's Creed is heading farther east than ever before with Chronicles, a three-part series that will take players to China, India, and Russia.
batma arkham knight ps4 bundle sony

Make the jump to PlayStation 4 with the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle

Sony has revealed a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle, combining Batman: Arkham Origins with a special, steel-grey console themed around the Dark Knight.
twig april 3 2015 axiom verge

These are the 4 hottest games hitting shelves this week

Axiom Verge, War for the Overworld, and more lead off another week of new gaming releases.
grand theft auto v pc screens gtav 4k 11

Grand Theft Auto V will flex your PC graphics card’s muscles with lush 4K visuals

Rockstar Games has released a new batch of high-resolution screenshots for the upcoming Windows PC port of Grand Theft Auto V, set to release on April 14.
zelda wii u delayed e3

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U delayed until 2016, and won’t be at E3

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma has announced that the upcoming Wii U Zelda game will miss its planned 2015 release, and not show anything at E3 in the meantime.
halo 5 might hit pc guardians trailer

Is Master Chief our greatest hero or our deadliest threat? <em>Halo 5</em> answers in October

The Master Chief's saga continues, but is he now a villain? Halo 5: Guardians launches exclusively for Xbox One on October 27, 2015, Microsoft announced.
HTC Vive

Here’s how to get a free Vive virtual reality headset

In anticipation of a 2015 commercial release, Valve and HTC plan to offer free development kits for their new Vive VR headset to qualified developers.
hob now arrives xbox one microsoft review macro logo 2 1500x1000

Help save $250M per year on energy bills with this one, easy change to your Xbox One

The NRDC has called out Microsoft for making Xbox One an unnecessary energy hog. Shave 40% off your console's energy costs by changing one, simple setting.
ps4 update 2 5 image

Never lose progress on your PS4 again with Suspend/Resume and HDD backup

The latest system update for PS4 goes live on March 26. Update 2.5, "Yukimura," will bring a host of new features to streamline the console experience.