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PlayStation 4’s online gaming is free for an entire weekend

ps4 free online weekend march 2015 battlefield hardline 7 wm
All PlayStation 4 owners will be able to take part in online multiplayer this coming weekend, regardless of whether or not they pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription, according to Sony. Starting on Friday, March 20 at 12:01am Pacific and running through Sunday, March 22 at 11:59 pm, anyone with a PS4 can log on to PSN and partake in online multiplayer with friends and strangers.

Online play with the PS4 generally requires a PS Plus subscription, which can be purchased for various chunks of time at variable prices; one year currently costs $50 on Amazon.

The promotion is well-timed with the release of Battlefield Hardline on March 17. Jump in to intense firefights in the streets of Miami in Hardline, fight for the future of Earth in the recent indie Helldivers, or see if you can find an even sillier way to take on Destiny‘s hardest raid than the current record of solo with no bullets fired.

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