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Destiny’s latest player to become legend does it without firing a bullet

Destiny‘s toughest challenge, the Crota’s End raid, has been bested by a lone player who never fired a single shot. Streamer TheHM05 managed the absurd feat with a Warlock built specifically for the challenge over three months of work.

“Uhhh! Take that you stupid trolls,” he laughs after taking Crota down. “That’s what you get. You said I couldn’t do it. Said it was impossible. All of you are dumb, and I am awesome.”

The accomplishment took three months of figuring out how to solo each portion of the raid before getting to the big bad himself. In order to pump out enough damage without guns, TheHM05 used a combination of his character’s ability to quickly respawn grenades, the Warlock’s Sunsinger super ability and melee punch, and the raid’s sword relic, which is the only thing that can damage a shield-less Crota.

In February 2015, a different streamer earned the respect of his fellow guardians by besting Crota alone on Hard Mode. He also used a Sunsinger Warlock built specifically for the challenge, making that the chosen class for going it alone. The raid is designed to be taken on by six top-level players, so doing it alone at all is extremely impressive. To then do it without firing a shot is a whole new level. You might say TheHM05 has… become legend.

What absurd new challenge will some enterprising Guardian come up with next to keep raising the stakes until Bungie infuses the game with another round of content, starting the cycle anew? Give it another month. Someone will get it done solo and blindfolded.

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