Destiny live-action trailer gets the Led (and lead) out

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DestinyDestinyDestiny. Why is this all anyone can talk about lately? Sure, it’s out on September 9, but there are other games in the world too, you know. Like this one.

Okay, fine. You’re here for Destiny, and Destiny you shall have. This latest trailer is a live-action short (with lots of CG thrown in, natch) set to the soothing sounds of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” Or “classical” music, as it is referred to in the game’s distant future setting.

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While the full game remains something of a mystery, things are looking good for Bungie’s latest. The game was trotted out for a relatively large group of closed alpha participants back in May 2014, and additional beta testing followed throughout the summer. It’s fair to say that Bungie’s thrown the doors open wide for early access, and that speaks to a level of pre-release confidence that’s been all-too-rare in recent years.

Now, with the final stretch of days leading up to the release upon us, take a few minutes to peer at this fun little escape.