Destiny beta outperforms Halo as Bungie’s most-trafficked game

Destiny the Game screenshot 1

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The Destiny public beta has drawn to a close, and it was an enormous success. Just like it did with the alpha earlier in 2014, developer Bungie has shared a boatload of statistics to show just how enormous it was.

Over nine days, 4.6 million players created 6.5 million Guardians. They were all quite effective, averaging 22.53 kills for every death and completing 97-percent of the events undertaken. Perhaps most impressive is that the number of concurrent players peaked at 853,235. That’s more simultaneous players than any other game in Bungie’s history. In that regard, the Destiny beta outdid the full releases of all previous Halo games.

As a thank you to everyone who came out for the beta, Bungie has created two special emblems. These will be available only to Guardians that took part in the beta, granting permanent bragging rights for assisting in the game’s development. Check out Bungie’s infographic below for more beta data and get ready for Destiny‘s official launch on September 9.