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far cry creative director leaves ubisoft 4 yeti

Hunt legends in Far Cry 4’s Valley of the Yetis DLC

Valley of the Yetis will take Ajay to a dangerous new corner of Kyrat on March 10, where he'll contend with a mysterious cult and the legendary Yeti.
battle chasers announced

Darksiders creator returns to his Battle Chasers comics for a new game

Darksiders creator Joe Madureira has announced a new game with his studio, Airship Syndicate, based on his Battle Chasers comics from the late 90s.
fable legends free to play e3 004

Heroes-on-villains free-for-all in Fable Legends, now free-to-play

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have announced that the upcoming, asymmetric dungeon crawl RPG, Fable Legends, will be free-to-play on all platforms.
find hardware within can handle evil the

Uncover more of The Evil Within’s horrible secrets in its first DLC this March

The Assignment, The Evil Within's first DLC, begins a 2-part arc following Julie Kidman, for a deeper dive into the game's mysterious story, on 3/10.
Hotline Miami 4

Dial up Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on March 10

The long-delayed Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number kicks off its gory murder spree on March 10 for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita, and Windows.
Batman Arkham Knight

Gotham’s worst villains team up in the new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight

The "Gotham is Mine" trailer sets the stage for Batman's toughest fight yet in the conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.
forza horizon fast furious announcement spire visualid forzahorizon2

Forza Horizon 2 hooks up with Fast and Furious for a free, standalone game

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is an upcoming standalone that combines the open world driving of Forza Horizon with the Fast & Furious films.
valve steamvr gdc

Valve will bring its own VR hardware to GDC in March

Valve is preparing to show off new VR hardware in March at the upcoming Game Developers Conference, along with the latest Steam Machines and controller.
sid meiers starships release date 002

Take to the stars with Sid Meier on March 12

Sid Meier's Starships blasts off on March 12 for iPad, Mac, and Windows, costing $15 on all platforms and supporting integration with Beyond Earth.
gtav pc delay heists date gta heist

GTA Online’s Heists are coming on March 10, PC release slips to April

Grand Theft Auto V's PC release date has been pushed back to this coming April 14, while GTA Online's co-op heists are due on March 10.
diablo 3 microtransactions patch iii beta wizard vs skeleton king 2

It’s no Auction House, but real money may be coming back to Diablo 3

The next Diablo III patch points toward the addition of microtransactions to the game, but not for the Americas or Europe (at least for now).
legacy kain dead sun footage of

Watch 30 minutes of the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

Footage has surfaced from the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, an action RPG cancelled by Square Enix in 2012 after three years of development.
this week in gaming feb 27 dragon ball xenoverse

Homeworld and Resident Evil bring back the ’90s for this week in gaming

Break out the Hi-C and Dunkaroos, because gamers from the 90s have a lot to look forward to this week in releases of new games from classic franchises.
exploding kittens kickstarter record cats

This card game about exploding cats from The Oatmeal is the most-backed Kickstarter of all time

Exploding Kittens, a card game from the artist behind The Oatmeal, ended its Kickstarter with over 219,000 backers, making it the most-backed project ever.
history of the magnum hand cannon

Do you feel lucky, punk? The magnum revolver’s reign as gaming’s favorite sidearm

From the gun that won the West to Dirty Harry, the magnum revolver is one of the most iconic weapons in films and games. This new video reviews its history.
afternoon devolver digitals e3 trailer park not a hero 004

Use reasonable force unreasonably on May 7 in Not A Hero on PC

Not A Hero, the "2¼D" cover-based shooter from OlliOlli developer Roll7 and publisher Devolver Digital, will come out for Windows on May 7, 2015.
rise tomb raider galaxy of the february 01 games aktuell pc

Lara Croft bundles up for these Rise of the Tomb Raider images

Crystal Dynamics has shared a batch of images from Rise of the Tomb Raider, the upcoming sequel to its extremely-successful 2013 reboot of the series.
goldfarb details the outsiders

Battlefield and Payday veteran escapes AAA for an indie RPG

David Goldfarb has announced his new indie studio, appropriately called The Outsiders, and given a few hints about its first project, a roleplaying game.
world of tanks xbone announcement cat 3

World of Tanks rumbles toward Xbox One in 2015

World of Tanks, the free-to-play, MMO vehicular battle game, is coming to Xbox One sometime in 2015, following a successful 2014 launch on Xbox 360.
hyrule warriors boss pack dlc ganon

Hyrule Warriors’ next DLC lets you bring death and destruction as Ganon

The next and last announced DLC for Hyrule Warriors will let you wreak havoc on the battlefield as Link's classic nemesis, the monstrous and tusky Ganon.
gold mario amiibo walmart goldsilver

Gold Mario Amiibo gets the Midas touch for Mario Party 10, possibly as a Walmart exclusive

A limited edition, gilded Mario Amiibo appears to be coming exclusively to Walmart as part of a bundle with Mario Party 10.
hob now arrives xbox one microsoft review macro logo 2 1500x1000

March update adds screenshots and more to Xbox One

The March update for Xbox One adds a variety of new features, including the long-requested ability to snap screenshots of your games for easy sharing.
destiny crotas end updated cheat crota

Toughest of the tough: Watch Destiny’s Crota raid go down on solo Hard Mode

The Crota's End raid Hard Mode in Destiny has been bested by a solo guardian in under 30 minutes, just under a month after its release.
Gex stands on a TV.

Remember Gex or Fear Effect? How about Anachronox? Square wants to bring them back

Square Enix has sent the call out for developers to pitch game ideas based on three old IPs from Eidos: Gex, Anachronox, and Fear Effect.
terraria otherworld announced

Don’t call it a comeback: Terraria: Otherworld explores dangerous new worlds

Re-Logic has announced Terraria: Otherworld, an alternate dimension version of their popular sandbox game with added elements of roleplaying and strategy.
xbox one ultimate game sale alien isolation 3 1404833867

Deep discounts abound in the Ultimate Game Sale for Xbox One

Microsoft has launched the Ultimate Game Sale for Xbox One from Feb. 17-23. 31 games across genres are on sale with combine savings of over $700.
tron 3 filming vancouver legacy

Shadow of Moroder: Electronic music pioneer is working on a mystery Tron game

Italian electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder is working on the soundtrack to a new and as-yet-unannounced Tron video game with prominent DJ Skrillex.
new trailer order 1866 features zombie werewolf 1886

This week in gaming: wage wars, historical and otherwise

Alternate history comes alive this week with The Order: 1886, a cinematic PS4 action exclusive. Total War: ATTILA sticks closer to the established timeline.
godusteamshrinks godus

Godus team shrinks, along with chances that backers will get their promised rewards

The development team of Godus, Peter Molyneux's Kickstarted god game, has shrunk considerably as studio resources are moving to Molyneux's new project.
psnsubstomastersupgrade playstation network

50 Shades of Game: PlayStation subs can now become the master

From now on, PlayStation Network users have the option to upgrade sub accounts into master accounts after turning 18.
apple and supercell partner for charity microtransactions clash of clans

Apple highlights freemium gaming alternatives with the App Store’s ‘Pay Once & Play’

Apple has added a new "Pay Once & Play" section to the iOS App Store, highlighting games like XCOM and BioShock that do not include any in-app purchases.
playstation2015games no man s sky  becron5

2015 looks to be a huge year for all things PlayStation

Sony has expanded on its popular list of upcoming PS4 games by publishing a massive list of everything scheduled to arrive on PS4, PS3, and Vita in 2015.
jarvishousemarquecollaboration resogun defender

Look back to move forward: RESOGUN devs team up with legendary Defender creator

Eugene Jarvis, creator of arcade classics like Defender and Robotron, has teamed up with Housemarque, the developer behind RESOGUN, to create a new game.
swordcoastlegendsannouncement sword coast legends

Sword Coast Legends is the closest you can get to real D&D without a d20

A new Dungeons & Dragons game called Sword Coast Legends will come to PC later on in 2015, allowing for a party of 1-4 player heroes and a Dungeon Master.