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Shadow of Moroder: Electronic music pioneer is working on a mystery Tron game

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Italian electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder is working on the soundtrack to a new Tron video game with DJ Skrillex, according to an interview that Moroder gave to Clash Music recently. This is the first reference anywhere to the game, which has not been announced in any form by franchise-owner Disney.

“I’m going to meet Skrillex next week when I’m back,” Moroder told Clash. “I’m doing the music for a game for Disney’s Tron. We have about five themes, electronic stuff and let’s see if he’s interested in remixing or re-working one of the songs.”

If this is a new, standalone game, then Moroder and Skrillex’s involvement is the sum total of what we know about it. Another possibility for the mystery project is that it could be a Tron-themed playset for Disney Infinity. These expansions add new characters, items, and scenarios to the open-ended game tool kit.

Lately Disney has been capitalizing on its 2009 Marvel acquisition by releasing sets themed around Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. A Tron playset would slot nicely into the growing mashup of Disney properties at play in Infinity, especially  with the recent release of Tron: Legacy‘s Sam Flynn and Quorra as Toy Box characters.

Giorgio Moroder started his own record label in Munich in the 1970s. As a producer, songwriter, and DJ, he was an important, early pioneer of synth disco and electronic dance music. He also scored many films such as ScarfaceFlashdance, Midnight Express, and The Never Ending Story. One of his most recent and pertinent collaborations was a song on Daft Punk’s 2013 album, Random Access Memories. Daft Punk provided the soundtrack to the 2010 film Tron: Legacy; their collaboration with Moroder reportedly came about after they approached him about contributing to the film score.

Skrillex is the result of Moroder’s musical legacy playing out over a few decades. The young DJ, producer, and songwriter is one of the current leading voices in electronic music, house, and dubstep.

It should be mentioned that Robin Murray, the interview’s author, urges caution. He writes on Twitter, “It’s nice that lots of sites have picked up on that Giorgio Moroder x Skrillex story but it’s up in the air and should be reported as such.”

It’s nice that lots of sites have picked up on that Giorgio Moroder x Skrillex story but it’s up in the air and should be reported as such.

— Robin Murray (@ClashRobin) February 11, 2015

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