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GTA Online’s Heists are coming on March 10, PC release slips to April

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Grand Theft Auto V‘s Windows release date has been pushed back to April 14, 2015, just three weeks later than its previous release date, according to an update from developer Rockstar Games. The long-anticipated cooperative heists for GTA Online also have a confirmed release date now, arriving on March 10.

The upcoming Windows version comes with all of the enhancements and additional content added in the recent PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the game, released in November 2014. In addition to expected graphical improvements and an injection of new missions and items, the re-release also includes the new first-person gameplay mode, a brand new addition to the series. The Windows edition also features more powerful, in-depth graphical options than any previous version of the game, allowing for a wide range of hardware configurations, including support for Ultra HD displays

The new Rockstar Editor is included, providing a powerful set of tools for staging, recording, and editing videos within the game. Aspiring machinima artists will be more empowered than ever to create films with GTA as an engine, such as this recreation of the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer.

Cooperative heists will allow up to four players in GTA Online to team up for an elaborate, multi-step mission. The cinematic heists during the single player campaign of GTA V were one of its most thrilling innovations for the long-running open world series, and fans have been eager to share that experience with friends online.

Check out the Windows system requirements here to see if you rig is ready to handle Grand Theft Auto V when it hits computers on April 14.

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Released in March 2022, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is technically a prequel to the original Final Fantasy that reveals the origin story of that game's villain, Garland. In reality, Stranger of Paradise becomes a metacontextual analysis of the cyclical nature of the Final Fantasy series, serving as both a celebration and a biting critique of one of gaming's oldest RPG franchises. It also features one of the most bonkers video game endings I've ever experienced, so going through the adventure is worth it for that alone. Thankfully, it's enjoyable to play along the way as a more approachable class-based Soulslike from Team Ninja, the developer behind NioH and next year's Rise of the Ronin.

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Grand Theft Auto VI didn’t need The Game Awards
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This past week was one of the most crowded for video game news because of two events: The Game Awards 2023 and the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. Initially, I was surprised the two weren’t one and the same. GTA 6’s reveal is the most significant game announcement of the year, after all, and Geoff Keighley always seems to be searching for big Elden Ring- or GTA 6-level moments for his show, even if he doesn’t always get those. After taking a step back and looking at how each performed independently of the other, I think both were better off staying separate.
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Ultimately, Rockstar had the GTA 6 trailer slated to release on the morning of December 5, but ended up releasing it on the night of December 4 due to a leak. The game would not go on to make any marketing-related appearance at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7. Although GTA 6 skirted The Game Awards, was leaked, and got posted earlier than intended, it was still a groundbreaking reveal.

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