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Will GTA 6 be on PC?

A scenic view of the ocean in GTA 6.
Rockstar Games

Whenever a new Grand Theft Auto game drops, it instantly becomes the biggest game of the generation. We saw it with 4, 5 and we expect GTA 6 to once again shatter all sales records when it finally comes out. After a lot of rumors, leaks, and even hacks, GTA 6 is officially revealed, but not everything about the game is out in the open just yet. Aside from story and gameplay details, some big questions surrounding where and when we can hope to play GTA 6 when it does come out are swirling around. PC players especially are concerned since Rockstar has yet to release a GTA title on PC at the same time as consoles. Will that be the case once again?

Will GTA 6 be on PC?

Yes, but not at launch. For now, GTA 6 is only confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Where does that leave PC players? Well, if history tells us anything, we might be in for a little bit of a wait. GTA 5 took almost a year and a half to get a PC port, while Read Dead Redemption 2 took a year and one month. Who knows if Rockstar plans to speed up the process for GTA 6, but at worst you should plan on waiting about a year for a PC version.

According to a former Rockstar dev who spoke to IGN, the reason Rockstar delays the PC version is twofold. “The reason why a PC port comes later and not the first thing that comes out, is because they want to prioritise what sells. Most of the time, especially in the past, PlayStation was the big seller. PlayStation was the console to have. It sold more than any other console for the most part. Everybody’s playing PlayStation.”

The second main factor is just how many factors Rockstar has to consider for PC compared to a console. “This is very important for everybody to remember: one of the main reasons why a PC port will take so long is because it’s different architecture and different components.” That means a lot more testing needs to go into that version to make sure it works on as many different PC configurations as possible.

If GTA 6 does hit its late 2025 release window like we predict, then it could be the end of 2026 or start of 2027 that a PC port is finally done.

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