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The best GTA 5 roleplay servers

A police shootout in GTA 5.
Rockstar Games

We all love GTA 5 for letting us live out our more chaotic and destructive fantasies, but you aren’t just limited to being a criminal in the world Rockstar Games has created. The single-player version is packed with content, but jumping online is where the possibilities really open up. Role-play servers, also called RP servers, modify the game and rules, with players expected to fully commit to whatever character they choose to embody. If you’re a cop, you shouldn’t be recklessly driving and shooting civilians, for example. You can’t expect to randomly jump into an online lobby and have everyone follow the rules, though. You will need to join very specific RP servers to get the true experience. While we wait for GTA 6, here are the best role-play servers out there.

Note that all RP servers are accessed through either the FiveM or Rage MP clients. You will need to download them separately.


Cars racing on the nopixel logo.

If you heard about GTA 5 RP, odds are it was through NoPixel. Most of the large streamers out there have used or continue to use this server in part because of how strict the rules are. Breaking character either through action or voice can lead to you getting banned. It also is just a single 32-player server, meaning there are a very limited number of opportunities for anyone to play, and that’s only if you pass the long and rigorous application process. As great as the server itself is in terms of added features and commitment to role-playing, it is a little prohibitive for the average person to actually join. If you want to try, visit the official forums to get an application — and then cross your fingers.

Eclipse RP

The clipse rp server logo.
Eclipse RP

Right below NoPixel in notoriety is Eclipse RP. Unlike the former, Eclipse allows for way more people the play, sometimes hitting close to 300 at one time. That has pros and cons, as you could expect since that many people on one server leads to a lot more chaos. The moderators do try to keep things RP-friendly with strict rules, a questionnaire for admittance, and even applications to get guns or become police officers. Even with the far larger server capacity, Eclipse is so popular that you will still end up having to wait to get in most times.

GTA World

The GTA world logo.
GTA World

Role-playing can be a little embarrassing and stressful for some people who aren’t all that confident talking on a mic. GTA World is a unique RP server in that there is no voice chat at all, and all communication is done through text. This does slow things down a bit, and you will need to be a proficient typist to keep up, but there are tons of different jobs you can take and many ways to engage with the other players beyond the normal shooting and driving. Another added benefit is that it is the largest server we’ve covered yet with a cap of 500 players. Once you familiarize yourself with the rules and write up your character’s bio for the mods, you shouldn’t wait long before getting a response.

Lucid City RP

The lucid city RP logo.
Lucid City RP

The last pick for one of the best GTA 5 RP servers is Lucid City RP amd it’s listed here for the simple fact that it has no application process to jump through. Anyone can enter, making it a perfect way to test the waters and see if you want to go into one of the more serious RP servers we’ve talked about. This server also breaks the mold by having a completely modified map that you will need to get familiar with, but the systems aren’t as robust as those of the more exclusive servers. You also have to deal with people who join in and just want to ruin the fun from time to time.

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