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GTA Online players can set up a bounty hunting business in huge summer update

Two GTA Online characters in body armor standing in front of a jail cell with a person in it.
Rockstar Games

GTA Online is getting a huge update this summer that includes plenty of quality-of-life improvements. More importantly, it’s giving players even more to do if they want to play around with their own definition of morality and justice.

While the update doesn’t have a release date or window yet, Rockstar Games introduced some details in a blog post published Wednesday. Arguably, the biggest addition is the ability to set up your own bounty hunting and bail enforcement business. You’ll also be able to help Vincent out with a bunch of off-the-books missions across Los Santos.

If you’re more interested in the custom side of things, GTA Online has you covered there, too, with changes to the Content Creator. Specifically, it’ll be easier than ever to test custom Races, with the ability to launch them from any checkpoint. There are also just more general features coming to Drift Race and Drag Race,  “from drivers doing donuts and bouncing lowriders, to crowd animations, and more,” according to the post.

Other big updates are coming to GTA Online, including some that Rockstar says were based on player feedback. There will be an increased Sell Mission timer to help out solo players, defensive buffs for vehicles like the Bombushka, and some increased base payouts. And don’t worry, there will be new vehicles and more improvements to exisitng modes.

Additionally, GTA+ members on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can get the Överflöd Pipistrello (Super) for free when the update launches. There’s not a lot of detail available yet beyond what’s in the blog post, but Rockstar says it’ll have more information in the coming months. The announcement also does specify that it’s “coming this summer,” so you can expect it fairly soon.

The future of GTA Online is still a bit up in the air as Rockstar is heads down working on the latest mainline entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto 6Since GTA Online is the fifth game’s online mode, will the new title have its own as well? The studio hasn’t commented on GTA Online yet, but it spun it off into a standalone experience in 2022, so it’s possible it’ll keep receiving updates. Plus, these kinds of massive updates show that players can expect plenty of support for now.

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