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Get up close and personal to the mayhem in Grand Theft Auto 5 first-person mode

get close personal mayhem gta vs first person mode fps
Rockstar has confirmed rumors that the upcoming PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One port of Grand Theft Auto V will feature a first person mode, something the series has never attempted before (via IGN).

This trailer shows off the new mode, both on foot and behind the wheel of various vehicles. It even features iron sights aiming, so you can get your Call of Duty on as you look straight down the barrel of your rocket launcher when blowing up police cars.

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The new versions have already been confirmed to feature a range of new content, but this is perhaps the most exciting addition. It looks like it could fundamentally change the feel of the game. This would also of course have a huge impact on GTA Online if the feature carries over there, turning it into a competitive FPS.

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