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How to play Grand Theft Auto games through Netflix

While Netflix is known first and foremost as a movie and TV streaming service, it has also been building a catalog of games its subscribers can access. The library of titles has been growing over the years, and finally scored a big payday by adding Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy. This package contains three of the most influential open-world games of all time: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, all originally released on the PlayStation 2 and enhanced for modern audiences.

If you’ve never explored the world of Netflix gaming, we’ll set the objective marker on your map and show you exactly how you can play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Netflix.

How to play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Netflix

The Netflix Games logo on the Pixel 4a.
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The only two requirements to access Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy and any other game through Netflix are to have an active subscription and the Netflix App on either a phone or tablet device. These will need to run iOS 15 or later or Android 8.0 or later. Unfortunately, as of now at least, there’s no way to play Netflix games directly on your TV.

On your device of choice, open the Netflix app and either scroll down to the Mobile Games row or hit the Games tab. Find whichever title you want to play, tap it, and select Install to begin downloading the game. Each game in the trilogy will be listed separately, so you can pick which one (or all) you want to download. Once complete, just open the game and begin playing.

You can also download the titles by searching for them directly in the App or Play stores. Just search for the title you want and download it as normal. Note that this method still requires you to have both a Netflix subscription and the app, as the games will appear in the Games section of the app even when downloaded this way.

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