Gold Mario Amiibo gets the Midas touch for Mario Party 10, possibly as a Walmart exclusive

gold mario amiibo walmart goldsilver

A limited edition, gilded Mario Amiibo appears to be coming exclusively to Walmart as part of a bundle with the upcoming Mario Party 10, according to a poster spotted and shared by Redditor pituvision.

It is not entirely clear whether the gold Amiibo itself is exclusive to Walmart or just as a bundle with Mario Party 10. This does confirm a report from earlier in February that special edition gold and silver Marios would be joining the Amiibo line. The silver version has yet to surface, so let us know if you happen to spot one in the wild.

Mario Party 10 comes out on March 10, 2015, exclusively for Wii U. The poster’s allusion to Easter indicates that this deal should go live sometime in March or April.