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borderlands movie lionsgate pre sequel jack the doppelganger

How to make those last-gen Borderlands save files more Handsome for PS4 and Xbox One

Gearbox has shared details on how to transfer Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel saves from PS3/Vita/Xbox 360 to The Handsome Collection on PS4 and Xbox One.
vr nasum virtualis virtual nose

Virtual Reality make you feel sick? Try adding a nose

Purdue researchers have found that inserting a simulated nose into middle of a virtual reality field of vision substantially reduces motion sickness.
minecraft northern ireland

Minecraft is coming to every secondary school in Northern Ireland

MinecraftEdu, an educational version of Mojang's breakout game of building and exploration, is being distributed for free to schools in Northern Ireland.
the witcher 3 dynamic beard

Game-changer: <em>The Witcher 3</em> will feature dynamic beard growth

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt aims to be a groundbreaking RPG, but one newly revealed feature has us more excited than anything else: dynamic beard growth.
david braben

<em>Elite: Dangerous</em> awards nearly $15,000 to its first Triple Elite

Frontier has awarded nearly $15,000 to its first player to master all three of Elite's disciplines: an Australian who uses the handle CMDR Onepercent.
this week in gaming march 27 2015 dark souls 2 bloodborne 18

The wait is finally over for Bloodborne and Pillars of Eternity this week in new releases

Miyazaki's Dark Souls successor, Bloodborne, and Obsidian's cRPG revival, Pillars of Eternity, lead a week of anticipated releases across all platforms.
twitch plays pokemon caught them all red

Thousands of Twitch users just worked together to catch all 151 Pokémon

Twitch Plays Pokémon, the bizarre and brilliant experiment in crowd-controlled chaos, has succeeded in capturing all 151 original Pokémon.
live action legend zelda tv series heads netflix link25

Is Zelda coming to Netflix? Nintendo CEO Iwata refutes live-action TV series rumors

Netflix is reportedly developing a live-action series based on Nintendo's venerable Legend of Zelda franchise, according to the Wall Street Journal.
game thrones episode 2 recap lost lords return revenge telltale of ep  4

Things will go from bad to worse this week in Telltale’s Game of Thrones, Episode 3

Telltale Games has released a trailer for "The Sword in the Darkness," its third Game of Thrones episode, which rolls out for all platforms on March 24-26.
god of war 3 remastered announcement iii

Beautiful destruction: God of War III gets an HD makeover for PS4

God of War III is bringing its trademark minotaur-skewering and chimera-eviscerating to PlayStation 4 in a new remastered edition on July 14, 2015.
mortal kombat x quitalities quitality

Why don’t you cry about it? Mortal Kombat X punishes rage-quitters with “Quitalities”

NetherRealm Studios has devised a unique punishment for gamers who rage-quit Mortal Kombat X matches before completion: blowing up their heads.
in the first episode of life is strange time twists turns and toys with mundane moments  2

Dive into the mysteries of Life is Strange episode 2

Dontnod has released a trailer for the upcoming second episode of its episodic, teenage time-traveling adventure, Life is Strange, set to arrive on March 24.
Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this coming holiday season

EA has confirmed that the new Star Wars Battlefront will come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC during holiday 2015, as previously announced.
state decay getting definitive hd edition xbox one 2015 of

What critics? Fan quotes shine in trailer for State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition

Undead Labs has released its first trailer for State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, an HD update coming to Xbox One and Windows on April 28.
kojima leaving konami rumors metal gear

Metal Gear’s creator appears to be parting ways with longtime publisher Konami

A growing body of evidence suggests that while Hideo Kojima will stay on to complete Metal Gear Solid V, his tenure with Konami may be otherwise over.
verona announcement

Shakespeare meets Firefly: sci-fi Verona puts the “star” in “star-crossed lovers”

Firefly meets Shakespeare in pre-apocalyptic Earth for Verona, a new third-person science fiction adventure being developed by the creators of Sine Mora.
telltale episode 3 teaser game of thrones

Telltale’s third Game of Thrones episode is coming soon

Things might heat up in the upcoming episode of Telltale Games' Game of Thrones series, according to a tweet teasing episode 3, "The Sword in the Darkness"
danish bloodborne blood drive

If you donate blood, you could actually win a copy of Bloodborne for PS4

Lucky Danish blood donors will be rewarded for their generosity with free copies of the upcoming PlayStation 4 action-roleplaying game Bloodborne.
advanced warfare ascendance date call of duty

The aliens are coming in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s next DLC

"Ascendance" is the second DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, set to arrive on March 31 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, other platforms to follow.
The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot 19

The Elder Scrolls Online drops subscriptions today with Tamriel Unlimited

As promised, Bethesda's massively multiplayer The Elder Scrolls Online has dropped monthly subscriptions today, picking up the sub-title Tamriel Unlimited.
joe montana football 16 unreal

Joe Montana is pulling out the Unreal Engine to take on Madden

Retired NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana has revealed that his new game, Joe Montana Football 16, is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.
ps4 free online weekend march 2015 battlefield hardline 7 wm

PlayStation 4’s online gaming is free for an entire weekend

All PS4 owners will be able to take part in online multiplayer this coming weekend, regardless of whether or not they pay for a PS Plus subscription
march sadness 2015 john oliver ncaa video game png

Too real: John Oliver’s March Sadness 2015 is the scathing NCAA game we deserve

March Sadness 2015 is a fake basketball game advertised in the most recent Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about the exploitation of college athletes.
lego jurassic world gameplay trailer

Here’s your first look at the Legofied dinos in Lego Jurassic World

Take a look at Lego Jurassic World in action with the first gameplay for the upcoming game, which covers the story of all 4 Jurassic Park films.
Battlefield Hardline

Cops and robbers take to the streets this week with Battlefield Hardline’s release

Battlefield Hardline arrives, alongside the latest Mario Party, more Tales from the Borderlands, and a few remakes of recent gems you might have missed.
dead rising watchtower xbox live early island

Watch Dead Rising: Watchtower one week early on Xbox Live

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film based on the zombie game franchise, will be available one week early for Xbox Live subscribers through Sony's Crackle app.
dark souls creators bloodborne delayed marchj 2015 4

Bloodborne’s launch trailer is here, taunting your imminent doom

From Software has released a launch trailer for Bloodborne, its upcoming action roleplaying game from Dark Souls creator Hidetake Miyazaki.
jason voorhees mortal kombat reveal

Needs more murder: Jason Voorhees joins the bloodbath in Mortal Kombat X

Friday the 13th's murderous Jason Voorhees has been confirmed as a playable fighter in Mortal Kombat X, added in the Kombat Pack, available to pre-order.
boss key bluestreak first footage project

Take a first look at Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski’s arena shooter

Boss Key, founded in 2014 by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, has released the first footage of its upcoming arena shooter, codenamed Bluestreak.
cards against originality humanity

Now you can play Cards Against Humanity any time, anywhere, for free

Card Against Humanity, the extremely popular and crude party game cousin to Apples to Apples, is now available for free to anyone with a web browser.
mortal kombat x cage family johnny

Here’s Johnny! The latest Mortal Kombat X trailer is a (Cage) family affair

The latest trailer for Mortal Kombat X introduces the first family of fatalities: Johnny Cage, ex-wife Sonya Blade, and their daughter, Cassie Cage.
titanfall 2 mass effect andromeda battlefield 2016 announcement titanfall2

Suit up: Titanfall 2 confirmed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Titanfall 2 is officially in development for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, according to Respawn Entertainment founder and CEO Vince Zampella.
terraria otherworld gdc trailer

Defend towers and beat back corruption in Terraria: Otherworld

Re-Logic and Engine Software have shared juicy new details and a trailer from GDC about Terraria: Otherworld the standalone spinoff announced in February.
borderlands claptastic voyage trailer the pre sequel screenshot 01 1920 0

The next Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC invites you into the twisted mind of Claptrap

The next Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC invites you to slide (slide, slippity-slide) into the twisted mind of Claptrap for a Claptastic Voyage.