Beautiful destruction: God of War III gets an HD makeover for PS4

god of war 3 remastered announcement iii
God of War III is coming to PlayStation 4 in a new, remastered edition on July 14, 2015. All of the series’ trademark minotaur-skewering and chimera-eviscerating action will be rendered in eye-popping 1080p graphics, in what should be one of the most visually lush mythological bloodbaths ever. It should help tide over fans until the new game, which is still a ways off, according Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog.

The release comes 10 years after the first God of War hit PlayStation 2 in 2005, setting a high bar for action-adventure games of the era. The series was also instrumental in popularizing quick-time events (QTEs) as a gameplay mechanic. It follows Kratos, a perennially angry Spartan warrior who takes a homicidal tour through Greek mythology, brutally murdering everything from lowly harpies up through the gods and titans themselves. God of War III, first released in 2010 for PlayStation 3, continued the series’ trend toward more weapons, bigger boss fights, and more brutal finishing moves.

Check out the PlayStation Blog announcement post for reminiscences about the franchise by Barlog, who has worked on it since the first game. It also includes a Twitch stream for a speedrun of the first game, in celebration of its 10-year anniversary.

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