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Monster Hunter Rise won’t support cross-progression between PS4 and PS5

Monster Hunter Rise will not support cross-saves or cross-progression between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This means that players who start their journeys on PlayStation 4 will have to start anew if they wish to play on PlayStation 5 later on.

Yesterday, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise was coming to PlayStation and Xbox in January 2023. Microsoft stated that players can continue their progress between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Xbox app on Windows PC.

When asked whether Monster Hunter Rise would have cross-saves or cross-progression between the two PlayStation platforms, Capcom provided a statement to Digital Trends: “Cross-saves and cross-progression are only available across Xbox and Windows platforms.” While Capcom didn’t answer the question directly, it confirmed that these features would only be available for Xbox players.

Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t support cross-save and cross-progression between Switch and PC, and that will continue to still be the case when the PlayStation and Xbox versions are released.

It’s still unknown why cross-save and cross-progression are only enabled within the Xbox ecosystem. However, Marvel’s Avengers ran into a similar issue last year when PlayStation players had to follow a convoluted upgrade process in order to transfer their progress between PS4 and PS5. Through Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature, all Xbox One players had to do was just simply launch the Series X/S version of Marvel’s Avengers, and all of their progress was transferred over safely.

Monster Hunter Rise will also be included in Xbox Game Pass for Console, Cloud, and PC on launch day.

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