God of War returns! Just don’t expect it any sooner than 2016

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A new God of War game is coming from Sony’s Santa Monica Studios, as creative director Cory Barlog confirmed during a panel at the PlayStation Experience event on December 6. Barlog previously directed God of War II, released in 2007 for PlayStation 2. After he outed the news in response to an audience question, Santa Monica Studio tweeted, then erased, quote, though the below tweet that came after the confirmation was left untouched.

Beyond its existence, Barlog shared very little about the game itself. He did mention that it would not be a prequel, like 2013’s God of War: Ascension. Barlog told IGN after the panel that he would share more in “the next year or two,” so don’t expect the new game anytime soon.

Previous entries in Sony’s action-adventure series revolve around the perennially angry warrior Kratos and his mission to brutally murder every creature and deity from ancient Greek mythology.