Bloodborne’s launch trailer is here, taunting your imminent doom

From Software has released a launch trailer for Bloodborne, its upcoming action role-playing game from Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. Bloodborne looks to be even darker and more Gothic than the Souls games that precede it, like if Mary Shelley grew up obsessing over Vampire Hunter D.

Similar to Dark Souls, Bloodborne is a third-person action RPG in which players square off against gigantic, nightmarish horrors. The measured tactics that Dark Souls encouraged have been replaced by a more aggressive, faster-paced style of combat. The trailer shows off some of the huge, exotic weapons that will be at your disposal.

The game features both competitive and cooperative multiplayer. In co-op, up to three hunters can team up to take on monsters together. In particular areas of the game, players are also vulnerable to other players invading their game for a fight, like in previous Souls games. It’s also possible to leave notes that appear in the games of others, offering hints or warnings. When a player dies, their tombstone sometimes appears in the analogous location in someone else’s game. Touching the tombstone generates a replay of the player’s final moments, perhaps offering guidance as to how the same fate can be avoided.

Bloodborne comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on March 24 in North America, March 25 in Europe, and March 27 in the UK.