Never lose progress on your PS4 again with Suspend/Resume and HDD backup

ps4 update 2 5 image
The latest system update for PlayStation 4 goes live on March 26. Update 2.5, code-named Yukimura, will bring a host of new features, some requested and some unexpected, to streamline the console experience.

The new Suspend/Resume function will allow you to jump in and out of games easily with a press of the PS button. If you have to suddenly run out and a save point is nowhere to be found, simply Suspend and put your console into Rest Mode. When you come back and power up, you will be able to jump right back in where you left off.

Be careful to check that your game is compatible with the feature before trying it, however, since not all titles are yet. Bloodborne, for instance, is only compatible while in offline mode. Resuming a game that what suspended while online will shuttle you back to the main menu, losing any progress made since last saving.

It will also now be possible to backup and restore your user data from the PlayStation’s internal HDD to a USB drive. That includes settings, saves, screenshots, videos, games, patches, and download data. Regular backups will ensure that even if the worst happens to your console, you’ll be able to load everything into a new one and not lose any time reconfiguring everything.

The update also enhances the PlayStation 4’s already-robust set of social features, making it easier to connect with friends. You will now be able to expand your PSN network by finding your Facebook friends. A new tile will join your news feed to show you which friends are currently playing what, and if it’s a game that you have, you can jump right in and join them directly from the feed.

Check out the full rundown of Update 2.5’s features over at the PlayStation Blog.

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