No Wii U, but want to play Splatoon? Now you can – in Minecraft

splatoon minecraft mod

Are you excited by the innovative twist on familiar mechanics and bright, fun gameplay of Nintendo’s colorful shooter Splatoon, but don’t have a Wii U? Be jealous no more, because just barely a week after its release someone has already ported the main, team-based competitive mode into Minecraft with an impressively thorough mod.

YouTuber and Minecraft modder Sethbling has recreated all of Splatoon‘s core mechanics within Minecraft with an astounding degree of fidelity. Players are divided into two teams that start on opposite sides of a map, with the goal of covering more of the ground and walls in their team’s color of ink than their opponents’ by the time the match is over.

All three weapon types from Splatoon — Splattershot, Splat Charger, and Splat Roller — are available and work exactly as you’d expect. In order to replenish ink and move more quickly around the map, players can turn into squids to swim through their own color while refilling ink. They can even go up walls.The map is designed and balanced for four players like the original game, but can support teams of any size.

Sethbling admits that he doesn’t even own a Wii U, and has not played Splatoon himself, but instead enlisted the help of friends who have to help ensure his recreation lives up. That’s probably for the best, since he might not have set out to create the mod in the first place if he did have the game. With such a thorough recreation of Splatoon‘s competitive heart, there’s really little need for him to get it now.

Sethbling is one of the modders whose content comes included with the Minecraft Gameband wearable. Although it’s unclear if IP issues with Nintendo would complicate it, his Splatoon mod seems like it would make another excellent addition for the device.

You can download the mod from Sethbling’s website here. It works with any version 1.8 server.