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Take the fight back to the xenos in XCOM 2 this November

XCOM 2 Reveal Trailer – IGN First
It’s been 20 years since the alien invasion, and things have not gone well. What was once a violent, invading force has infiltrated the government to become a much more insidious, dystopian regime. Humanity needs your help again, commander. XCOM 2, a full sequel to Firaxis’ extraordinary 2012 reboot of the classic turn-based strategy series, comes to PC this November.

2K recently teased us with a cryptic website for the Advent Administration, a government promising better, more secure living through technology, with a strong whiff of dystopia. Apparently the alien invasion from the previous game was a success, and now XCOM is relegated to rogue status. The roles have been reversed from the previous game, with XCOM now as the invading force, secretly staging guerrilla operations out of a flying air base just like SHIELD/Hydra‘s, while trying to manage limited resources and evade alien detection.

The reveal trailer, shared by IGN, does not contain any actual gameplay yet, but does offer a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. There’s a flying drone that knocks out a power-suited enemy with an electromagnetic pulse, a snake alien, and even a ninja-looking fellow on your team with a sword on his back. The battle also breaks out in a bustling city center, which is in sharp contrast to the usually abandoned battlegrounds of the previous game. Civilian casualties and collateral damage might become a greater concern with the move to guerrilla, urban warfare.

Jake Solomon, who helmed the previous game, has returned as lead developer. True to Firaxis’ roots, XCOM 2 will come first to PC exclusively, but it will almost certainly follow onto other platforms like consoles and tablets. More details will be shared in the coming weeks, with the big gameplay reveal scheduled for E3. 2012’s XCOM is one of the most critically adored games in recent memory, and a personal favorite, so I am extremely excited to share more details with you as they come out.

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You shouldn’t, though, as many exciting games are still coming out this month across all platforms. Over the past couple of weeks, quite a few titles, spanning a wide variety of genres and franchises new and old, have confirmed late-May release windows. If you aren’t too busy playing through Tears of the Kingdom, keep your eye on some of these neat-looking games.
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The week following Tears of the Kingdom's launch will undoubtedly be the weirdest feeling for those who aren’t playing it. Your social media feeds will likely be dominated by impressions of the game, wacky Ultrahand builds, and other neat discoveries players are making. This may activate a bit of FOMO if you aren’t playing, but alternatives are launching the week after Tears of the Kingdom.
On the exclusives front, PlayStation players will have a console and VR exclusive game called Humanity, published by the team that developed the excellent Tetris Effect. Don’t think that building Tears of the Kingdom’s contraptions to overcome obstacles is the only way to scratch that puzzle-game itch this month.
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Continuing on the puzzle game note, Cyan, the developers behind Myst, are finally releasing Firmament on May 18, so that’s a rarity fans of the classic PC and Mac games should check out.
One other game this May is also going to let players build their own vehicles and explore an open world is going to try and follow up Tears of the Kingdom: Lego 2K Drive. As its name suggests, this is a Lego racing game where players build and collect Lego vehicles and then complete challenges throughout an open-world Forza Horizon-style.

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Shadows Over Loathing - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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