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batman arkham knight poison ivy gameplay

Check out seven whole minutes of brawling, gliding and driving in new Batman: Arkham Knight video

In the latest video for Batman: Arkham Knight, we get an extended look at the game in action as Batman tracks down and captures Poison Ivy
Minecraft Gameband

Minecraft Gameband review

Gameband + Minecraft is Mojang’s first wearable, a USB bracelet that lets you take your creations anywhere and a high-quality, programmable LED watch.
bruce campbell call of duty advanced warfare dlc

Grab your boomstick: Bruce Campbell joins Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s next DLC

The next DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare arrives in June, adding 4 multiplayer maps and another chapter to Exo Zombies, featuring Bruce Campbell.
witcher 3 horse armor dlc witcher3 free

Horse armor is on the house: The Witcher 3 gets more free DLC

As if players needed more to do in the monumentally massive The Witcher 3, the developer has announced two free DLC morsels available week.
shenmue streets of rage vinyl

It just makes the chiptunes sound warmer: Streets of Rage and Shenmue soundtracks coming to vinyl

New, London-based label Data Discs is releasing remastered vinyl soundtracks for the classic Sega games Shenmue and Streets of Rage.
gta v grappling hook

Why add a grappling hook to GTA V? Just ’cause!

A modder has replicated Just Cause 2's beloved grappling hook in GTA V for PC, letting players wreak all sorts of physics-driven havoc.
blizzard overwatch gameplay videos

Archer, Cowboy, Medic, and Robo-monk: Check out Blizzard’s Overwatch in action

Blizzard has released a number of new Overwatch gameplay videos, showing off full matches from the perspective of four different characters.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The White Wolf of Wall Street: How to make infinite money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witching is expensive work! Here are a few easy ways to get that paper in The Witcher 3.
Grand Theft Auto 5 review main

Rockstar is suing the BBC over its making-of-GTA drama

Rockstar Games has decided to take legal action against the BBC over its upcoming dramatization of Grand Theft Auto's creation.
techland cancels hellraid

First-person hack-and-slash Hellraid is canceled

Techland has cancelled development of Hellraid, its first-person gothic fantasy game that was supposed to come out on PS4, XB1, and PC later this year.
telltale game of thrones ep 4 trailer episode

Telltale’s Game of Thrones episode 4 gets a release date and trailer

Telltale kicks off the second half of its Game of Thrones series next week with episode four, Sons of Winter, which just got a new trailer.
scrabble dictionary lolz

Has it come to this? “LOLZ,” “Emoji,” and “Newb” are all Scrabble-legal now

As a further sign of the Internet's corroding effect on culture, the Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist has added over 6,500 words like "emoji" and "lolz"
leeroy jenkins warcraft movie

Leeroy Jenkins might make an appearance in the Warcraft movie

Gary Whitta revealed that his drafts of the Warcraft movie contained a brief cameo from everyone's favorite reckless paladin/meme celebrity: Leeroy Jenkins.
Lego Back To The Future

Great Scott! Back to the Future’s Doc Brown is in the latest Lego Dimensions trailer

Christopher Lloyd has donned his Hawaiian shirt and blown-back hair once more in the latest trailer for Lego Dimensions.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What is a witcher? Everything you need to know before diving into ‘The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt’

Here's our catch-up guide to the characters, setting, and events from previous games that will help you jump right into CD Projekt Red's 'The Witcher 3.'
m bison street fighter v reveal 5 thumb

Grovel before M. Bison’s Psycho Power in Street Fighter V

M. Bison is back in action for Street Fighter V. There's plenty of his signature Psycho Power on display as he pummels Charlie Nash into oblivion.
twig may 22 2015 witcher04

The Witcher 3 leads off a big week in new gaming releases

The Witcher 3, Destiny's latest expansion, a new chapter in Life is Strange, and a Mario-flavored Puzzles & Dragons spin-off are all out this week.
mortal kombat x blanche brutality

Mortal Kombat X’s weaponized old woman fights back

The weaponized old woman in MKX has learned a thing or two from watching us fight, and now can she's ready to get in on the action with a new brutality.
nintendo world championship 2015 qualifiers championships

Do you have what it takes to be the Nintendo World Champion?

Head to one of eight Best Buy stores around the United States on Saturday, May 30 for a chance to compete in the Nintendo World Championship at E3 2015.
destiny moon wizard returns that came from the

Destiny’s infamous Moon Wizard is back, apparently

"That wizard came from the moon!" The widely-derided line from Destiny's public alpha was surreptitiously added back in months ago, but people just noticed.
warcraft movie orgrim look 3

Take a first look at the World of Warcraft movie’s powerful Orc Orgrim

Orgrim is one of the main orcs in Duncan Jones' upcoming WarCraft film, and Legendary Pictures has shared a first look at the character.
how to watch game of thrones online version 1428850821 poster

Telltale’s Game of Thrones returns soon with Sons of Winter

After almost two months of silence following episode 3, Telltale has finally teased the next installment of its Game of Thrones series, "Sons of Winter".
life is strange episode 3 date ep

Life is Strange Episode 3’s launch trailer raises the stakes

The third episode of Dontnod and Square Enix's episodic, time-bending adventure game, Life is Strange, is set to drop on May 19.
civilization beyond earth rising tide announcement 2kgmkt civbert screenshot announce4

Beyond Earth’s Rising Tide lifts all Civilizations

Civilization: Beyond Earth is growing this fall with its first major expansion, Rising Tide, adding ocean cities, a new diplomacy system, and lots more.
Splatoon Hands On Review Screenshots

Get down and dirty with Splatoon one last time on May 23, before it launches

Nintendo announced that it will be holding one more free public test for its upcoming, family-friendly shooter, Splatoon on Saturday, May 23.
witcher 3 launch cinematic

This cinematic sequence from The Witcher 3 is brutal titillation

With the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt nearly upon us, developer CD Projekt Red has shared this launch cinematic, "A Night to Remember."
diablo 3 cow level

Happy third birthday, Diablo III! Here’s that Cow Level you won’t shut up about

To celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III's launch, Blizzard Entertainment has finally caved and given the game a Secret Cow Level.
madden nfl 16 cover athlete beckham odell jr

Will Odell Beckham Jr. be the next victim of the Madden NFL cover athlete curse?

Odell Beckham Jr., a young wide receiver for the New York Giants, has just been voted in as cover athlete for Madden NFL 16.
Fleeing from dinosaurs in Lego: Jurassic World.

Embrace your inner dinosaur when Lego Jurassic World launches on June 12

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have released a new gameplay trailer for Lego Jurassic World, which will be available on June 12
jetsetter new ratchet clanks means bushy eyebrows

Sly Stallone confirmed for Ratchet & Clank movie, now delayed until April 2016 [updated]

Sony has announced a star-studded cast for its upcoming animated film of Ratchet & Clank, including none other than the Italian Stallion, Sly Stallone.
Just Dance 2015

Out with the old: Ubisoft ditches PS3 and Xbox 360 for the next generation

After about a decade of supporting the platforms, Ubisoft has finally decided to stop developing games for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.
engaging battle mode batman arkham knight sshot076

Batman’s got a gun for your guns in Arkham Knight

A new update from Rocksteady Studios has revealed a new tool in Batman's arsenal for the upcoming Arkham Knight: the Disruptor.
twig may 15 2015 invisible inc

This Week in Gaming: Galactic 4X (eXamine, eXfoliate, eXclaim, Xylophone)

"New release" is a much fuzzier term these days. A few video games come out of Early Access this week to show us what they've really got.
lego dimensions expansions 17513321352 3ab9472212 o

Lego Dimensions expands to include The Simpsons, Portal 2, and Doctor Who

If Batman, Gandalf, and Marty McFly weren't enough to get you excited for Lego Dimensions, add in Homer Simpson, Doctor Who, and characters from Portal 2.